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by Ju-ju

Every year I've had a period that would come around thanksgiving and it would stay for two to three months. I went to the doctor for them to only give me birth control pills. (which i don't like to take because of the harm it does to our bodies.) But then i found this product - menstrual reg. After a week i had a really bad cramp and it stopped then it started again. Then finally it stopped again. So thanks to God's herbs I don't have to take man made pills. I can take Menstrual reg.

Health Food Store Mgr.
by Carol A

This product is a good selection if heavy cycles are a problem. Don't expect it to work in a day, though. Hormonal imbalances can be quite tiresome to correct. Even heavy cycles sometimes associated with perimenopause may eventually be straightened out with this product. I have heard a N.D. say that if you notice improvement from it, stay on it for AT LEAST 6 months. It seems like a very long time but natural fixes take longer than medication.

by Cathy

I have used Menstrual Reg to help with heavy flowing due to a uterine fibroid. I had a embolization several years ago which helped with the bleeding and length of periods, but I was still having one or 2 very heavy days every month. With the Menstrual Reg, I have not had a real period in about 6 months; just some light spotting. You have to take it a month or two to get it in your system. Once, I stopped taking it and the heavy monthly period came back with a vengeance. I am 53 and waiting for menopause. This product has helped me to be able to go through this stage of life without a hysterectomy!

by Emilia

I bought this product because, I have irregular periods. I did not know what to do. The doctors would always suggest for me to try birth control pills. I did not want to use the birth control pills, so I bought this product. After using this product three weeks, I notice a difference. I was getting my menstrual cycle regular, and my periods were less painful.

Some relief and regularity
by AR

I have suffered from an irregular menstrual cycle since I began having them in my teens. I was on a regulatory birth control for almost 8 years before I felt that the side effects were outweighing the pros of having a somewhat normal period. It is also not too good to be on birth control for too long as it can hamper your system long term. I was looking for a more natural, less invasive alternative and gave Menstrual-Reg a chance. I was surprised that these little capsules really did help to balance my hormones and give me a sense of a normal period. Being without birth control made my periods really unpredictable and painful. Menstrual-Reg really helped give me a normal period, with normal symptoms, almost on a predictable cycle. My only complaint is that sometimes it feels like it isn't strong enough to fight a really bad period, as cramping and bloating would sometimes still be really heavy and painful. I am however, happier knowing that I don't have to rely on (expensive) birth control for similar results.

A life saver
by Jessica

I bleed irregularly, almost all the time. Sometimes, I can go 1-2 months without a cycle, or sometimes I go through sanitary products so fast it looks like I'm cleaning up a mass-murder scene. This product fixed both problems, which I find wonderful, since it not only fixes one end of the spectrum (no period at all) but it also reaches to the other end of the spectrum and fixes those problems too (Bleeding too heavily). I love this product and am so glad I found it. The price is worth it, since it makes life liveable again.

Straighten Out Your Cycle
by cynthia

I have used Menstrual-Reg with people who have no cycle, miss cycles, and bleed too frequently. It does what it says, it regulates female cycle, regardless of the problem.

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