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Homeopathic Relief
by Donna

When I started menopause I was miserable. I had really bad hot flashes was moody and couldn't sleep. Life was not good. Then my mom told me about Black Cohosh. I started taking it and within three days my symptoms were almost completely gone. Now I have started my college age daughters on it and they have both seen an improvement of PMS symptoms. We are now three generations of Black Cohosh users.

by F. WITT

I had hot flashes so bad that I would have to get up at night and change the sheets and my nightgown. I would have taken hormones if I had been able too, even against my better judgement. They were that bad! I heard that one of the doctors where I work (I'm an RN) was doing a study on this product, so I though I would give it a try. I am happy to report that I am able to sleep through the night now and although the hot flashes have not totally stopped, they are much less intense and less often.

by Shawnda

When the hot flashes keep coming you could literally kill for some relief. The Cohosh tablets work great for me. My hot flashes are far more reduced than they used to be.

Black Cohosh the miracle
by carol1560

This is the miracle OTC that most women do not know about. I get hot flashes that make me feel like I am boiling from inside out. These have dramatically reduced my hot flashes so that they are manageable. I take one of these in the morning and one at night before bedtime. They are easy to find and well worth it, and they have no hormones!!

#1 Product
by Trudi Konzem

My friend swears by this product. She uses it regularly every month and says its the only thing that really works for her and eases her pain and discomfort.
My friend suffers terribly each month and this is the only product that has helped her.
I have not tried it yet as I do not suffer no where near as bad as my friend does, but if my symptoms should worsen I know where to find this.

It really helped my mom
by Roxanne Ranelli

I continuously would tease my mother about all of the hot flashes she was having in her late 40's, until I noticed that they were really taking a toll on her. I was recommended this product by a doctor friend. Now, my mother swears by this product and claims it is the only product that has reduced those uncomfortable moments.

Black Cohosh really works.
by Patty

I had only two "hot flashes" in my whole life and after taking this Black Cohosh, I never had another one.
I never had another menopause symptom either, so I recommended Black Cohosh to friends. With it, they found much relief from bloating, hot flashes, sleeplessness, and itchy skin. It is so reasonably priced, so that just about any woman can benefit from it. I've never seen anything work so fast.

Replaced my usual PMS drug
by Ariel

I remember the first time I took Black Cohosh: I was at a party about 6 years ago. Everyone was having a great time. Not me. Yes, it was that time of the month and I had the usual horrible cramps and general grumpiness/moodiness. It was surely not the way one wants to feel at a party! My dear friend and hostess turned me on to the wonders of Black Cohosh and I have been a loyal user every since. My cramps felt so much better, and I feel like it even improved my mood (maybe because my cramps were so much better?)! Yes, I was able to enjoy the party after all. This stuff replaced my usual PMS drug, and this one’s all natural.

by Christina

This product works just as well as it's more expensive counterparts. More than cramps, I'd get lower back pain and tightness during my period and this really helped to alleviate those pains and make me feel better. It also helps with the bloated and that general "yucky" feeling I get sometimes.

Black Cohosh
by Dorene

My daughters and I always suffer from painful cramps during that time of the month. We found this after hearing how well it worked from a friend. We all love it and keep it in the medicine cabinet at all times. This product really works great and all the girls in my family love it!

It Helps
by Jeff

My wife uses Black Cohosh once in a while because she suffers from horrible cramps during her menstrual cycle. This has seemed to reduce her cramping and it has also helped with bloating and just general discomfort. It really has worked wonders for her.

Works Great!
by Ellisha

This product works wonders for me. Sometimes I get really bad cramps during my period. This product seemed to work the fastest and the best. It is very effective and the first thing I grab when I feel cramps coming on!

Excellent for cramping
by Glenda

I have been fortunate to find a few good products for those bloating times during my cycle. Black Cohosh is one of my favorites in helping to reduce the terrible bloating and irritable mood associated with your period. If you are looking for a safe and inexpensive product for PMS, this may be for you too. It works for me.

good product
by Kelly Morris

My roommate used this to deal with her terrible cramps during that time of the month, and it worked wonders. She said it also helped with the mood swings. I tried it myself, and it worked for me too. I recommend it to anyone who experiences PMS.

Great value
by Lori Strehle

Black Cohosh has really helped me to regulate my cycles. I really believe that it has helped with my PMS symptoms including cramps and headaches. I like taking supplements from Nature's Way, because they are always a reasonable price and just as good as the more expensive supplements sold at the drug store.

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