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a joke

I should have known better a cream to balance your hormones. Yeah right! This cost way too much for it not to work. I should have known this would be a waste of my money. My hormones are still the same raging!

Had high hopes
by Theresa

I had high hopes for this product because I had read the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause and decided to try the Progesterone Cream. I expected from reading the book that it would be the answers to so many of my problems. I used the cream and really didn't notice any changes at all. The consistency of the cream was kind of greasy but I just kept using it. According to this book I should feel less backache, lose weight more easily, have more energy, sleep better, have less dry skin, less wrinkles a revived libido and an increase in bone mineral density test. Well I haven't had another bone mineral density test but as for the others, I haven't notices a change. I have only used about 1/2 of the jar and will finish the jar since I paid for it but I don't feel it is the miracle I was searching for and thought I had found according to the book I had purchased.

Intimate Balance
by julia

I thought this was a joke,.I bought it JUST to see if it would work, because it sounded so unbelieveable. So I bought it, and it just doesn't work for me at all. I tried it, and it didn't help my hormonal balance. It just was not a good product to even buy. I will not recommend this to anyone, I mean, use it if you want, but I will never buy this product again.

Nice, in conjuction with something else...
by Cassandra

If you can ignore the oily/greasy residue of this product and concentrate on the pleasant scent, then I think that in conjunction with other remedies, this might be helpful in getting you in that "feel good" mood. As far as alone, I would say that you shouldn't expect too much.

I purchased two jars of Intimate Balance at the mall several months ago. The first jar went quite quickly as I had the more-is-better mentality. Such turned out not to be the case.

I've been working on this second jar for the couple of months and use it primarily when I'm having a "light day". A little Intimate Balance, some scented candles, and a couple of OTC Motrin and I start to feel content.

I don't know if I am actually feeling better from the inside-out. I think the key to this is just relaxing and concentrating on things other than your discomfort.

Can't say it worked great!
by Roxanne Ranelli

Unfortunately, this product did not provide leveling in my hormones! I was still very moody and irritable before my period (during the PMS stage). Although I enjoyed the idea of a great smelling cream to reduce my mood swings, it just didn't have that effect. I have found different pills to be more effective.

by D

I liked the concept of a cream to regulate my hormones. The product is a bit oily I do have to say, but the fragrance was pleasant. It did seem to help with my problem a little though not as much as would have liked. Plus I thought it was a bit expensive. I don't think that I would buy it again.

Not so good.
by Jessica

I didn't care for this product because of the price, but my girlfriend is into herbal remedies and had gotten this for me as a gift, along with many other herbal treatments applied through the skin. I did try it, but felt that it didn't really do much at all. Unless I left the area exposed, I would have to reapply often and that made me feel like I was wasting the product. Also didn't like feeling slimy with the residue it left on my skin, no matter how long I rubbed it in. It also made an uncomfortable time of the month even more uncomfortable. Would not look into purchasing this myself.

External cream not helping internally
by Gordy

My girlfriend tried out Intimate Balance when searching for alternatives to traditional hormonal balance supplements. She used it regularly and only found minor changes in her system and mood. It didn't seem to be working as she had hoped and eventually she decided it left more to be desired.

As other reviewers have stated, the texture of this product is not top of the line and would leave a greasy, slimy residue after being applied. It would make my girlfriend rather uncomfortable knowing she had to touch the cream as she is very sensitive to textures.

She ultimately decided that it was not the product for her and we are currently on the lookout for other progesterone products.

Intimate Balance
by Dorene

I decided to try this cream because I was looking for a natural way to regulate my hormones. I was not happy with it because the cream rubbed off easily and left a slimy feeling. I used it for a while but did not see any change in the way I felt. I do not recommend buying this product.

by Stephanie

This is a nice product to try if you like the natural heeling and medicine. I'm not much on creams but this one is probably worth the $17.95 for the fact that it did seem to help me and my mother.

Not so great
by Nikolas M

My wife used this cream for about 6 weeks until her supply ran out. We decided not to repurchase because she did not like having to apply a cream that left a greasy feeling. She also felt like it did not help at all, I would not recommend this product.

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