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The combination of ingredients in Uterol is specifically designed to relieve and eliminate PMS symptoms.

They work by lowering levels of prolactin as well as affecting dopamine receptors in the body. The three key ingredients have been shown again and again in documented research, tests and studies, as well as throughout a history of use both in the United States and internationally, to be not only effective, but safe.

For most women, these ingredients are far superior to “traditional/conventional” treatments (heating pads, prescriptions, etc.) in reducing and eliminating breast tenderness and swelling, depressive moods and anxiety, cramps and muscle spasms and various other symptoms related to PMS caused by hormone fluctuations.
Product: Uterol
Brand: Selmedica Healthcare (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 1 Capsule
Retail: $58.00
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3 Customer Reviews

Mood and cramps!
by Annie

Since I was in my late teens, I have suffered excruciating PMS- almost unbearable back pain, and I would always bark at people without noticing (i.e my boyfriend). After taking Uterol, my cramps have greatly decreased in pain and I no longer feel moody. Great product!

Works but not the best!
by Ellisha

This product did help with PMS, but it is not one of the best products I have tried. While it did work, it seemed to wear off pretty quick and just didn't have the effect I hoped it would!

by Khalilah Murarsheed

I take uterol on a daily basis for all my PMS needs. Uterol works well for painful stomach cramps. Uterol works well for muscle spasms and mood disorders. I take uterol for optimum health.