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Women's Prenatal

"Prenatal with Iron Maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy affects both the mother's well-being and the infant's growth. As the baby goes through early phases of development, your nutritional needs may increase. A balanced diet focusing extra attention to nutrients like calcium and folic acid is recommended. After delivery, an adequate diet is needed to support nursing and to replace depleted nutrient stores.
Supplies balanced nutrition with emphasis on vitamins and minerals to supplement a healthy diet.
Features bone-strengthening calcium. Additional calcium during pregnancy is vital, particularly during the third trimester when fetal bones continue to develop. If a mother's calcium level drops, calcium can be pulled from her bones and can result in loss of bone density.
Includes iron, a neccessity to support placental and fetal needs and a mother's increased blood volume."
Product: Women's Prenatal
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 120 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $14.99
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4 Customer Reviews

Good product
by Corri

I began taking these vitamins about a year before we started trying to get pregnant with my first child. This was based on the recommendations of my doctor. I feel like it's really important to get as many vitamins as possible and it's especially important for those women who are trying to have a baby. These pills were great for the price. They also we easy to swallow and had no bad taste to them. I would recommend this to any women who is in her child baring years and who may be trying to have a baby or is thinking of it in the near future.

by sean

I was reluctant to get my wife these because it seems everything in these pills come in normal vitamins but she insisted...I'm glad she did, because she seems healthy and happy now and we're just waiting in anticipation!

Who says you have to be pregnant?
by Stacy

I've never been pregnant and don't plan on having a child for a few more years but I do believe in taking care of your body as best as you can. I began taking prenatal pills years ago at my mother's recommendation. I had always been told they help your hair and fingernails grow and having you feeling better than ever! Well I tried another brand and saw no results. When I ran across GNC's Women's line I had to try it. Seeing as how GNC knows all there is to know about vitamins... Well my nails are stronger than ever and my hair has grown inches. I'm sure pregnant women love 'em too but hey, who says you have to be pregnant?!

Healthy Pregnancy
by Jill S.

I began taking Womens Prenatal vitamin three months BEFORE my husband and I decided to have our third child. I really found it important to nourish my body to help support a pregnancy before our child was conceived. I know it gave my body the best, and also prepared our child for a healthy pregnancy. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy.