f Natrol Prenatal Care Reviews and Information

Prenatal Care

"For Pregnant & Lactating Women
-With Folic Acid & Ester-C "
Product: Prenatal Care
Brand: Natrol (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 3 tablets daily
Retail: $11.99
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3 Customer Reviews

by Angela

I had a little baby girl last year and of course I had to take my prenatal vitamins, per doctors recommendation. Natrol Prenatal Care vitamins were the first ones I tried and I must say that they upset my stomach at first. I continued on them for about a month and althought I did have more energy when I took them, my stomach was not able to tolerate them so, unfortunately, I had to discontinue using them. I also did not like the fact that you had to take 3 per day. I found it much easier to take one pill/tablet a day and be done with it.

Doesnt upset my stomach
by stacy

After so many pregnancies and thousands of prenatal vitamins later, I found one that doesn't upset my stomach. As any pregnant woman knows, there are a myriad of minor inconveniences with every pregnancy. Having to religiously take a multivitamin and not knowing how your body will react to your choice is just one of them.

Stick with the Prescription Pre-nats
by Ted

I've rated these right in the middle to be fair. If you do not have health insurance then this product is a good alternative to ensuring your growing baby gets some of the necessary nutrients for proper development. If however, you do have health insurance, including Rx coverage, then definitely stick to the ones your Dr. can prescribe. My wife's Dr. pointed out some of the key nutrients, such as Zinc, that are in a higher, necessary, dosage in the prescription vitamins. I had gotten these for my wife at one point when the pharmacy ran out of the prescription pills and our Dr. advised to switch back immediately when they were back in stock. When your baby's involved, why take a chance?