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I love these!
by Amanda

my hair and skin have never been better. Im not even pregnant but I take these just for that purpose.

Exactly what I needed!
by Susan

When I became pregnant (quite a surprise!), I quickly did research, trying to find the best vitamin. I did not like the ones my OB prescribed because they had a lot of junk in them - ie coloring, wax, etc. I tried various food based vitamins which hurt my stomach or made me constipated. When I finally found the GNC vitamins, they not only had exactly what I needed - enough calcium and folic acid - but they were also affordable and didn't have any additives in them! I'm very happy with them.

highly effective
by tracey

I started taking these vitamins when I was pregnant, I then took them while I was nursing, and I'm still taking them. I found they did not cause any stomach upset and were highly effective. All the ingredients were easy to read on the label. These vitamins increased my energy level and helped to boost my immune system. I found I had less illness, and had a greater sense of well-being. I will continue to use these vitamins.

Great while nursing too!
by Maria

When my sister-in-law found out that I was pregnant, she was sweet enough to make me a small gift basket full of vitamins and supplements to help aid me through my pregnancy. I unfortunately did not use any of them while I was pregnant because for some reason I thought that the prenatal vitamins that my doctor prescribed were better. After my daughter's birth, it was suggested that I continue using prenatal vitamins while nursing. Since the prescription ones were just too expensive, I thought I'd give these a try. I used the first bottle during the first month, and I am now on my 3rd bottle. I know that both my daughter and I are greatly benefiting from the nutrients in this vitamin. They are so great that they have also helped improve my skin and nails as well! Definitely worth using.

Not just for Pregnancy...
by J

I began taking these Prenatal Vitamins from GNC while I was pregnant and have continued to do so two years later. My hair and nails have never been healthier! As other reviewers have stated, this is a gentle vitamin that is easy on your stomach and the added calcium is a great extra bonus.
I have never been unhappy with any GNC branded product, as they offer quality products that are readily available (and their prices aren't bad, either!)

Great Prenatal Product!
by Angel

My niece took this while she was pregnant with her twin boys.
She said it never gave her a sick feeling like the ones that the doctor has prescribed for her.
And as far as affecting the twins, they were both born a very healthy weight; one at 6lbs and the other 5.9 lbs.
If I were to have any more children, this is the product I would buy.

Great Prenatal Dietary Supplement
by BusyMommy

My doctor actually suggested this supplement when I was pregnant, as perscription prenatal pills were way too harsh on my stomach. I used this product through all three of my pregnancies.

Great All Around Vitamins
by ambreen

These are great tablets. I first started taking them when I got pregnant. They did wonders for my hair and skin. And so I continue to take them. My doctor actually recommends them and says they are a great all around vitamin - whether you are pregnant or not!

Prenatal Dietary Supplement
by Emily K.

Great vitamins; these do not upset my stomach at all! I take this and the slow release iron together. Also, keeps your hair and nails healthy.

Solid prenatal vitamin
by Jody

I took these beginning 3 months before conception through, until one year postpartum. They never upset my stomach, and were easy to swallow. Nutritionally, they give you just as much as prescription prenatal vitamins do and were highly approved of by my doctor.

Made me sick
by dee

I tried this pre-natal with my son during my pregnancy and it made me very queesy feeling. I am not sure if it was the iron levels or what was going on but my doc switched me to another alternative. I guess different people react differently to products but I will not use this in my future pregnancies.

Good Product
by Jaime

I started taking these before I got pregnant with my first son. My doctor approved of them and said they would be good for my body. Within months, my hair, skin and nails looked so much better. They were easy to get down. I took them the whole time I was pregnant.

Excellent Supplement!!
by Beth

My husband & I were trying to get pregnant for over a year when I was referred, by a friend, to try this brand of prenatal vitamins! I started taking them and within three months was pregnant!!! Now I have a healthy baby girl who's 7 months!

Worked for me
by Lois

I took this with my first pregnancy and then again with my second. It was a lot more gentle on my stomach than some of the other ones had been. It contains everything you need for a growing baby, but I'm sure it could have been found elsewhere. This was just really easy on my stomach and I had a really queasy one with both pregnancies.

Everything you need for baby
by Candice

I am currently taking this prenatal vitamin from GNC. I actually have taken this same prenatal with all of my pregnancies. I feel great taking this and have compared the GNC brand to many of the store brands available, I am very satisfied. I continue to take this after the births of my kids because I breastfeed. I also take them when we are trying to conceive.

by Tammy S

This works just like any other prenatal. I have four kids and took this with my last child. My iron levels were about the same as with my other pregnancies. I would rather spend less and have the same results.

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no bad side effects
by Macki

All I keep hearing from other women is how their prenatals gave them indigestion, nausea, constipation and I know each women is different but so far so good....always take with a meal =)