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5+ stars
by Debra

After quite a bit of research Jarrow preg-natals are the highest quality prenatals I've found. They contain the complete necessary amt of calcium, the best form of B12, an upper level amt of folic, Omega 3s, +iron. This is all quite rare to find in one prenatal product. The size and amt of pills just assures me that I'm getting a good amt of vits and minerals plus max absorption. The other smaller all in one prenats just don't compare. If you're seeking true nutrition for you and your baby this is the only product that is committed to delivering the best.

by Angela

I tried Pre-Natal + DHA during my pregnancy for only about a month. What initally attracted me to it was DHA. I know from what I have read about that DHA is very good for brain development. It also had folic acid and I definately looked for that as well. For the price these were good. I liked the fact that they did not have a strong taste which you often find with vitamins. And I also like the individual packets, this way I was just able to take a packet and carry it in my purse for later use. The only downfall would be the size of the pill, it was just a little too big. But considering all the added benefits I gave this a thumbs up.

its good product
by nivi

DHA is very good for babies. So the doctor suggested I take this prenatal during my pregnancy as it has DHA in it. Other multivitamins don't have DHA in it. So I love this prenatal.

Pre-Natal +DHA
by Sandy B

I was attracted to buying this product for the added DHA which has been found to be very beneficial to babies. The pills were large and more than you have to take with other prenatal vitamins. However, I was taking them for the DHA so it was a small price to pay.

Read the information packet before taking
by Linda P

I was given a prescription for this pre-natal vitamin with DHA during my last pregnancy. From the first pill I was sick and could not figure out why. I usually read the information packet and ingredients before taking any new medications, but this time it took my sudden illness to make me realize I had not read the information. After taking out the ingredient packet and reading through it, I noticed that it was made with fish oil. I am highly allergic to fish and the oils that are used from them that some medications contain. I highly suggest that you not only tell your doctor of your allergies, but please be sure to read the packet that comes with all medications as well. You just never know what you may take and what it is made of. I now know that this pre-natal vitamin is not something I can take. I want others to be aware of this as well.

by jo

I was attracted to these prenatals because I was very sensitive to smell and taste while pregnant. I also liked that they had Omega-3's. But I did not like the amount of pills needed to take nor did I like the size. I stopped taking them as soon as I ran out and I purchased different ones.

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