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by Kayla

I am a first time Mommy to be! And, I was having all day all night sickness!! Nausea was so bad!!! Then a lady I work with told me I should try this product!! The very first day I took it it started working!!! It is really magic in a bottle!!!!! And, now my sister n law is prego too and having all day and night sickness and i bought her a bottle of it too!!!! And, like I said it is AMAZING!!!!

Love it
by Montana

This really works for nausea. I didn't have any morning sickness with my first child. My second was a different story. I was sick for the first 5.5 months, then got it back in my last month. This doesn't help for the vomiting, but works awesome for the nausea, queasy just icky tummy. I recommend this to every pregnant mommy.

Helped Me!
by mommy228419

I did not have severe morning sickness. I never vomited, but I was always nauseous. These capsules helped minimalize the nausea and queasy feeling. I took it every morning for three weeks and it helped for that time. I recommend this product to all pregnant women with morning's worth the try!

Didn't help me...
by Maria

I was blessed with "all day, all night" sickness with my first pregnancy. I saw this product in one of those baby stores and decided to give it a try, as it was becoming impossible to function in my everyday life. I had much hope that it would help subside the nausea and in turn eliminate the vomiting. Unfortunately, it did not work. I did continue to use it until the bottle was empty, hoping that one day it would "magically" never did. Sadly, for me, it was just a waste of money.

Morning sickness GONE!
by julia

I bought this product for my sister since her morning sickness and nausea was so horrible for her every day with her pregnancy. She didn't believe that it would help her, but I told her to try it anyway, and she tried it. Sure enough, it worked, and she said she felt so much better and could actually do more things without feeling sick and nauseated all the time. She said she was so excited to actually be able to enjoy her pregnancy instead of feeling so miserable and sick. So she said she is going to take this product until her pregnancy is over, and she definitely recommends it to everyone with the same problem as her.

Works Great For Nausea!
by Pattie

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have morning sickness, but I had intense nausea! My mother heard about these and bought a bottle but didn’t plan to take them. I HATED taking pills but was so miserable I decided to try them. I was SO surprised, when two days later, my nausea was gone! I happily finished the bottle and bought a few more!

I took this, and it really worked
by Joy

I was pregnant in the middle of summer, and I would get so hot, and I was plagued by morning sickness. A girl from work, (mother of three kids) said she took this 'cause the presciption stuff cost too much. So I tried it, and it worked! I stopped missing days at work, it was wonderful. I pretty much liked this product, but I didn't like taking it so many times a day. That was a bummer, but other than that, no problems. If I get pregnant again, and have a problem with morning sickness, I would take this again.

"Evening" Sickness
by NRK

During my pregnancy, I did not suffer from morning sickness, but instead suffered from evening sickness. Every night after eating a good dinner, I would sit down to relax and instead spend my time trying to keep my food down. A fellow worker suggested that I try this product, and I was not disappointed. I would take a dose a little before dinner and not have any of the after-effect that I had before. I also slept very well at night instead of being restless. I will definitely use this product when we have our next child!

Couldn't do without it
by Lee Ann

My first 3 pregnancies I had no morning sickness at all, they were wonderful. Imagine my surprise when my last pregnancy brought me not just morning sickness but all day sickness. The nausea and vomiting where horrible and I was losing weight because I couldn't eat or keep anything down. One of the nurses at my doctor's recommend Morning Sickness Magic and I am so glad she did. It didn't completely rid me of the nausea but it helped bring it to a level that I could deal with. This is one product I will recommend to any woman dealing with morning sickness.

Eased my stomach
by jennifer

When I was pregnant with my third child, I had such a hard time with morning sickness. My husband brought me some of these home one day and I never had a problem with it again. I was totally amazed that these worked so well.

Get relief from nausea
by spb

I suffered a lot with nausea and morning sickness during my initial days of pregnancy. I started using Morning Sickness Magic at my friend's suggestion. It helped me a lot in reducing my morning sickness and nausea. I didn't have any side effects of this capsules.

Morning Sickness Magic
by HS

Morning Sickness Magic has ginger to ease vomiting and nausea while you are pregnant. This is the best product that I have found and it works much better than prescription medicines that you can get for the same thing. This also comes in a Peach Ginger liquid which tastes great and it really works. I had a terrible time with vomiting during my pregnancy and kept losing weight. After taking this product once in the morning, I could keep food down all day.

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