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rotten fish and herbal tea taste
by Anna

I'm sure it works fine but it makes me at least gag, at worst actually throw up each time I take them. I had to stop taking them during the first trimester because it was just about the easiest way to sabotage my morning. I took a gelcap of a different brand with absolutely no taste (and only one a day instead of 4) in the mean time. Now I am back to these and am SOOOO sad about it. Each morning and evening I dread the moment when the taste of rotten fish poorly masked by herbal tea hits my tongue. The part that kills me is that it says on the package "pleasant aroma." Far from it! Even my husband who has a weak sense of smell finds these vitamins repulsive.

So far okay...
by Genevieve Yan

These smell like minty dried fish, which is actually very unpleasant; however, despite that, they don't seem to have any adverse affect on my nausea. That said, they aren't any worse smelling than some "ultra" or "mega" type daily vitamin suppliments, which don't smell fishy, but do smell awful just the same. These are pretty big and hard, so if you have difficulty taking pills, these may give you trouble. My sister would never be able to swallow these. They also have a lot of iron in them, so I have to take Benefiber to keep from getting constipated. I also like that these are all "natural" which is another reason why they are big and weird smelling!

I used Nature's Way Prenatal Multi during my first pregnancy because my nausea was so bad, and they were the only vitamin I could keep down. They don't smell bad, and they are a capsule rather than a tablet, making them much easier to swallow and digest. They may be an option for those looking for a good prenatal vitamin. However, they are not quite at nutrient rich. I never had constipation problems with these either.

Great Vitamin, but Smell and Taste Awful
by Tab

These are great vitamins, but they are huge and hard to swallow, so I always end up tasting them as they go down, and it's pretty awful. The smell is also pretty upsetting. That being said, they have planty of iron and all the good stuff my baby needs. They're affordable, too! Just hold your nose and try not to choke on them.

DO NOT Buy This Stuff - It Stinks- Literally!
by IfICouldGiveItZeroStarsIWould

If I could give zero stars, I would have. The vitamins come in large, hard pills. The type that studies have found in septic tanks (if you catch my drift) and are not coated with anything smooth to help. They are hell on the gag reflex, which doesn't need any assistance in my rough first trimester! There are omega fatty-acids in this product, which is evident by the strong fishy odor which they try to mask with a powerful mint odor. The result is a minty fish smell that you burp all day. These have actually MADE me throw up, which was actually a relief to stop smelling them. DO NOT buy this product. Get a gel-cap or liquid.

Love this vitamin
by Deanna

I really like these vitamins. I am a vegetarian and have always taken vitamins with a lot of nutrients. When I started taking prenatal vitamins, I was surprised at how few things most of them had in them. This had everything I was looking for, including DHA, which seems to be recommended more and more. They are big, but I was used to that. I also don't mind taking them twice a day.

Recommended by my Doctor!
by Candice

When I had my daughter these were the pills my doctor recommended to me! I'm not sure about other prenatal vitamins as I never had a reason with these to go searching for another one! My morning/afternoon/ anytime of the day sickness was never that bad just very random but these vitamins are not very strong tasting like other vitamins are, so that's a great plus!

great prenatal vitamin
by Kelly Morris

With the prenatal vitamin my doctor prescribed, I also had to take an iron supplement because there wasn't enough iron in the vitamin pill. With this vitamin, I didn't need extra iron. These vitamins also did not aggravate my morning sickness like the other one did.

No more feeling sick
by EM

I switched to these because they didn't aggravate my morning sickness like my prescription prenatal vitamins did.

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