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This item had all the necessary essentials that i needed when i was pregnant. I really had to depend on the vitamins because i was so sick during my pregnancy.

Horrible Aftertaste!
by L. T.

I tried taking these when I was pregnant with my son and they were absolutely horrible! The pills were very large, making them hard to swallow and there was a horrible after taste. I felt nauseous each time that I took the pill.

Eventually, I switched to Flintstones vitamins to avoid taking these pills and making myself sick. While these pills appear to have everything pregnant women need, it was very hard for me to take them without making myself sick.

Wonderful Vitamin
by Terra

I used Nature's Way vitamins for the latter part of my pregnancy. I am a nutrition major, and the amounts of each individual vitamin that makes up this multi vitamin are exactly what they should be for a pregnant woman. The effects of the vitamin were exactly as they should be. I saw shinier hair, stronger nails, and that "glow" women have during pregnancy was stronger than ever. I am still nursing and continue to take Nature's Way prenatal vitamins. Highly recommend.

Great product
by Sarah

I took these prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant and they made me feel great! I love that it's a multi-vitamin. I actually still take these vitamins even though I am not pregnant anymore! They do wonders for my hair and nails. My hair grows faster and my nails are not flimsy and breakable anymore. They are very strong. These vitamins give me great energy and they are easy to take. I usually have a hard time taking pills, so these capsules are much easier to swallow. They are very affordable and last me a long time.

Longer Hair
by Annalias

I took this product while I was pregnant and I absolutely loved it. My hair got longer and my skin was healthier. Vitamins are a great thing if you're pregnant or nursing.

A good product
by Christine M.

This is a fairly good product, but was a little pricey in my opinion. It was lacking in the amount of Folic acid that most pregnant women need. I can find a much cheaper prenatal vitamin with more of what I need in it!

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