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by kaylan

i think it is very safe to take while prenet

Is the herbal blend safe during pregnancy?
by sandra

I read up online and it states that clove oil from the bud is not safe during pregnancy, nor is lemon balm and Dandelion ans I think lavender. Lavender is safe if taken as culinary herb but not as a daily tea.. I am so confused. I started taking it and feel I have a heavy head and wondered if it was because of these herbs. My guess was true when I did a muscle test to check if it was suitable for me. I am so disheartened cuz I bought 2 bottles of the 270tablets. I was so glad to have found an organic source w/o artifical colourings, if only they came w/o the herbs...i would be so much more pleased. =( New Chapter, can u do something abt it? or give us a choice of a prenatal w/o herbs ans one w so that we can choose...if we feel it's not safe to give our bodies and unborn fetus the herbs..=Z

by Tiff

These prenatal vitamins are by far the best any obstetrician could give you a prescription for. These work wonders. I got pregnant during the hot summer and still wanted to go to the beach and theme parks without having morning sickness or anything. I got these pills and they took all the sickness away. I love these pills and when I have my second child I'm surely going to use these. I highly recommend these to everyone that is an expecting parent out there. A++++ PRODUCT!!!

healthy pregnancy
by Arvinder

I was very lean at the time i got pregnant. I always feared about my baby's health, then my nurse told me about this vitamin supplement. My pregnancy became easy because of this wonderful product and I delivered a healthy baby recently. Me and my baby are in good state of health all because of Perfect Prenatal.

Perfect vitamin suppliment
by babu

My wife got diagnosed with vitamin deficiency during her pregnancy and she was advised for immediate vitamin supplements. On doctor's suggestion she started using Perfect prenatal vitamin supplement. It really worked for her and improved her health. Perfect prenatal has iron, minerals and other essential vitamin supplements.

Great for Mommi & baby
by Kathy

I was given a prescrition of these prenatal vitamins by my obstetrician when I was expecting my second child. Oh, these are marvelous! I didn't seem to have morning sickness and made it through the winter months bypassing the flu season with flying colors! I truly believe that these are one of the best prenates on the market. I even recommended them to my sister in law ,who is now expecting my first nephew in May. Great product for all expectant mothers.

perfection at it's most needed
by tasha

This is by far the best choice when it comes to a prenatal multivitamin supplement. With the title of "Perfect" it sure lives up To it's name. To begin, it is the only organic prenatal vitamin available, and organic nutrition is best for everyone, especially the developing fetus. Because it is food-grown, the nutrients are completely bioavailable to the body because they are recognized as food nutrients, Unlike synthetic vitamins and minerals. The nutrients are then placed in a food-base of additionally beneficial matter, which is cultured, adding much good bacteria to the body. This is the most perfect prenatal supplement, recommended by many midwives throughout America.

by Patty

I used this prenatal vitamin for my last pregnancy after being unhappy with the vitamins I took during my first pregnancy. I so much healthier and vital during this pregnancy and I know that Perfect Prenatal was the cause. My digestion was better and I looked like the picture of a glowing pregnant woman. And it's organic, which has become more important to me now that I'm a mother.

Pregnancy can be easier
by Valerie M.

My best friend lost her first pregnancy at seven months, taking normal prenatal vitamins (it would have happened regardless, I'm not blaming any one thing), and in her second pregnancy, I bought her a bottle of the NewChapter Prenatals. She said this pregnancy was worlds easier. She had less digestive problems, less 'woman' problems, and her baby was plump and healthy :) She never cared about organic products but now believes strongly in the health benefits.

The best organic prenatal!
by Amanda

I took this prenatal vitamin supplement throughout my pregnancy on the recommendation of my midwife. The way it is formulated makes it easier for your body to absorb than the typical non-organic prenatal on the market. Also, it doesn't have any of the artificial dyes that are found in coated vitamins and which are potentially harmful to a developing fetus. The probiotics in Perfect Prenatal are another great benefit since they help to cure and prevent yeast infections which can be very common during pregnancy.

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