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Good Buy
by Becky

I took these throughout my whole pregnancy. They are very affordable, work awesome--my nails and hair were growing like crazy, and they never made me sick like some prenatal vitamins will do. I would definitely recommend this for the cost and results combined.

Perfect choice
by Anastasia

Great multivitamin! I used it for all 9 months of my pregnancy and still using it as I am nursing. Fantastic results! As it's a very good source of calcium it makes my nails and hair really strong. More than even before pregnancy! I've heard a lot of women complaining about their nails and hair during pregnancy, but not me!!! I recommend it!

by Jennifer Tyler

These are great prenatal vitamins. Have same ingriedients as most of the rest of them. The best part is they are affordable to those who aren't looking to pay out the ying yang for the vitamins. Having to have them for 9 months can get pricey.

Good for peace of mind ladies.
by dawn

My doctor told me that it may be a wise idea to take some prenatal vitamins, so I found these and took them to give myself some peace of mind. It was very affordable to take during my entire pregnancy at $10/bottle.

Prenatal Health + Postnatal Health
by T. Danger

I hope every pregnant mother takes prenatal vitamins, and I think most probably do. It is so important to give the growing child all the vitamins and minerals it needs for proper development, and it is essential that Mom be healthy so her body can take care of itself as well as nourish a growing baby. This is a great vitamin for pregnant ladies! It should be known that continued use POST-natally is recommended as well, especially for nursing moms.
No need to toss these once you've had the baby-- never hurts to continue taking them until they're gone!
Puritan's Pride has a good product here, and an excellent value-- I can't bring myself to pay $40 for a jar of vitamins!

Very Pleased!
by A. Bowles

I was very pleased with these prenatal vitamins! I took these prenatals with all four of my pregnancies and had great results. I have heard horror stories about how sick people get when taking prenatal vitamins ,but I never experienced any side effects while taking this pill. I purchased them for the great low price and over the counter accessability. I continue to purchase them because I feel good while taking throughout my pregnancies, and afterward while nursing. I'll admit after having my fourth child I did stop taking these and began taking a different ,much more expensive prenatal vitamin, and became very sick. I switched back to these and I'm happy. I think I'll stick with this brand for any subsequent pregnancies.

Perfectly Priced
by Melissa

During the start of my pregnancy I was taking these prenatal vitamins but they caused my nausea to become even worse which is very common in women who are very nauseas. These where perfect during my second pregnancy when the nausea was not bad. I would recomend these 100% to any pregnant women who does not suffer more then the normal nausea.

by devla

These have been really great. After my doctor recommended it, I couldn't believe how great these worked and that they were not making me feel sick as they had with my first child. They are also a great value.

Good deal
by Dave's Wife

I bought this product to take while my husband and I were trying to conceive. This product provided me with the nutrients that my body needed without having to worry about getting them in my diet. I even continued to take these vitamins when I became pregnant as they were the same price as the ones that my Dr. prescribed. These vitamins also did not make me feel sick to my stomach or constipated as others also have in the past.

Cheaper than a prescription and just as good
by Julie

I was taking prescription prenatals for a while and then when I ran out decided to try these upon pharmacist recommendation. I was afraid they would make me sick or cause an upset stomach and was pleasantly surprised when they didn't. I switched to these and it was so much easier to pick them up rather than calling in a prescription. Cheaper too!

As good as prescription
by Jennie Jacobs

Just having my fourth child, I am always looking for a good deal. These are it. Not only are they as good a prescription prenatal vitamins, they did not make me feel sick like others have.

Great price
by Lori Strehle

I was really pleased with the price of these prenatals. They were much more affordable than prescription prenatals and my doctor said that they are just as good.

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