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prenatal vitamins is theses good as people say they are.
by classie allen

Is it possible that you can get pregnant by taking theses vitamins. Because my 18yr old sister is taking theses vitamins

Happy Mommy-to-be
by Nikki

I have been using these prenatal vitamins for 5 months now and have found that they do not upset my stomach nor do they leave an awful aftertaste upon ingestion. I highly recommend this product for expectantor nursing mommies!

great prenatal
by davsat

I have taken this prenatal throughout 3 of my pregnancies. The vitamins are easy on the stomach and provide ginger to help soothe queasiness due to morning sickness. It is also comforting to know that this vitamin does not contain a lot of synthetic ingredients that could be harmful to the baby. I am still taking this vitamin as a nursing mom! I would recommend this vitamin to anyone who is pregnant or wishes to become pregnant.

Wonderful prenatal
by Nadiyah

In my past pregnancies I never had a good experience taking prescription prenatal vitamins. I would become sick to my stomach after taking them and very nauseous. I would find myself skipping days and sometimes weeks just to avoid the sick feeling. When I found out I was pregnant with my third child I decided not to use the prescription prenatal vitamins and searched the stores for one that I hoped would suit me. I picked this one up after checking and reading over all the many brands. I was hesitant at first because I wasted a lot of money on medicine that I do not use, however I was very pleased with this product. I did not feel sick to my stomach and nausea was at a minimum. I would definitely recommend this product for moms to be! The price is great for the value and you only have to take it once a day. Not to mention it is good to use even after pregnancy if you are nursing.

My favorite OTC prenatals
by Audrey

I used Just Once Prenatal One during the many months I spent trying to get pregnant as well as during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Those vitamins were easy on my stomach, and had the right balance of vitamins and minerals. I particularly like the fact that it contains red raspberry leaf tea, a fabulous uterine tonic not included in most brands. To me this is the best OTC brand of prenatal vitamins.

Just Once GREAT!
by Rachel Caero

My doctor recommend Just Once Prenatal One. When I was recently pregnant with my son I was having issues with the other vitamins, and when my doctor recommended it I tried Just Once Prenatal One. I tried them and loved them. They didn't hurt my stomach at all and were great!

Just once Prenatal one
by Theepa

During the course of nine months in a pregnancy, every women needs all the vital nutrients she can provide to her unborn child. With my first pregnancy, my doctor prescribed Just once Prenatal one everyday throughout the pregnancy. Easy to digest and being cost effective, I would recommend this prenatal to all the moms to be.

by Kyle

My girl friend's doctor recommended that she begin taking this product. While it is somewhat expensive, she has said it is well worth the money. Tons and tons of vitamins. No unusual medicine taste/aftertaste.

by Stacy

This pill goes down easily and doesn't taste bad at all, and for 150 tablets, the price is right. I get all the extra vitamins I need.. Most vitamins hurt my stomach but not these. Recommend

by Angela

I recently gave birth to my little girl and during my pregnancy I was of course told to take prenatal vitamins. I started out with a couple different brands but had to discontinue them because I kept getting sick after taking the vitamin. My doctor recommend Just Once Prenatal One. He advised they may be a little easier to digest. My doctor was absolutely right, I never had a problem when I took Just Once Prenatal One Vitamins. I never got sick, I had more energy and I felt better knowing I was doing the best for my baby and me. Thanks Just Once Prenatal One! Now I know the next time around I will not even fool around with any other brand, It will be Just Once Prenatal One from the very beginning.

Great Prenatal Vitamin
by Laura

I really like Just Once Prenatal One because it is one of very few multivitamins that does not make me feel nauseated after I take it. It is very small and easy to swallow and has all the folic acid and other ingredients that pregnant women need. It is a little expensive compared to some others, but I think it is definitely worth the money!

Easy to swallow
by Stacy

I have tried a few different prenatal vitamins, and Just Once Prenatal One is the best. All the formulas of these vitamins are pretty much the same. This product is superior because it is small enough where it is easy to go down and it doesn’t taste bad.

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