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Stuart Prenatal Vitamins
by Jela

Love it ! Don't even know i am taking a prenatal! Too pricey !

These were great
by Amanda

I took these while i was pregnant and had a healthy 8 pd. 8 oz boy

Stuart Prenatal Vitamins
by Anonymous

Hi, I love this product. It is the only prenatal I would want to take. I just don't understand why it has doubled in price. I used to purchase this product from Krogers at about $16.00. I would love to see them bring it back down to a more reasonable price. Thanks

didn't throw them up!
by Kristen

I tried several prenatal vitamins (prescription and OTC) before finally finding one that wouldn't make me sick! One think I really like about Stuart is that the tablets aren't SO gigantic. Granted they are somewhat big, but they aren't the size of some of the other prenatal vitamins I was taking. So far, so great!

Great product!
by Sabrina

I started taking this brand of prenatal vitamins while pregnant with my second child. I had previously been using generic brand prenatal vitamins that would say "compare to Stuarts" on the bottle, but once I actually started using the Stuart prenatal vitamins, I noticed a huge difference. My hair and nails grew more quickly, and I had more energy. The only thing I didn't like very much was that I found I had more difficulty with bowel movements after taking these prenatals. I think it is probably due to the iron content, but it was not enough of a deterrent to make me stop taking them or switch to a different brand. I finally decided to compare the ingredients on the generic bottle and the Stuarts bottle, and the Stuarts typically had higher percentages of the ingredients. I also believe the ingredients in the Stuarts vitamins may be of higher quality. I just know that I felt a tremendous difference over the generic vitamins and will never use anything else.

Great product
by Green

Great product! The reason for the 4.5 is because I did find them a bit pricey, but when it comes to your baby, money should be no object. Of course it wasn't. My baby is 2 months old now and I still take them daily. Great OTC product for expecting and post-natal moms.

Stuart Prenatal
by T. Rider

When I was pregnant I took Stuart Prenatal vitamins. They worked great! I had ton's of energy and kept me healthy. My hair and nails grew like crazy. I loved that! The only down fall was after I took them I had to eat right away or I would get very sick to my stomach. Once I had my daughter I continued using them because I was breastfeeding so I could get all the nutrients that the baby would take from me.

Well known vitamins that are great!
by Tonya

I used Stuart Prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy, and it gave me so much energy. I continued to take the vitamins while I nursed so that it could benefit my baby.

A product you can trust
by Tricia

I started taking these before I found out I was pregnant with my first son. I never experience nausea associated with other prenatal vitamins. I continued to take them while I was breastfeeding. I found comfort with a name I trust.

Good vitamin supplement
by spb

Stuart prenatal is one of the prenatal vitamins suggested for me when I was pregnant. This is an excellent combination of iron and other essential vitamin supplements. It really worked well for me and this is a great product.

Fairly Well
by Jessica

When I was pregnant, I found Stuart Prenatal Vitamins to keep me healthy. I did not get any colds and my baby was born very healthy. However, I did have some problems with a slightly upset stomach whenever I took them. I was able to alleviate this somewhat by making sure I ate when I took them or taking them at night, especially with dinner.

Great for pregnancy and beyond
by Lisa

I was given a sample of these during my prenancy from my ob-gyn. These pills were great. No aftertaste, didn't make me nauseated. I took them through my entire pregnancy and because I was breastfeeding, my doctor recommended I continue them. The company will send you coupons if you contact them. They were very helpful to me when I contacted them through their website.

For Breastfeeding Mommies too.
by Andi

Stuart prenatal's are great for those who are breastfeeding. My daughter's pediatrician advised me to continue the Stuarts even after my daughter's birth. The Stuarts contain the added Iron my daughter needs and provide me with the energy I need to care for my Little one.

Pretty pennies....
by JJ

I love these prenatal vitamins. I first started taking them when my ob/gyn gave me some samples at my first prenatal checkup. I didn't get sick at all! They are pretty pricey, but I found coupons in baby magazines and I e-mailed the company asking for more coupons. This is a great vitamin for you and your baby! Would definitely recommend it!!!

Loved these!
by Kelli

I took these prenatal pills throughout most of my pregnancy, except for a couple tries at other pills. The other pills seemed to make me sick or left a nasty aftertaste, so I switched back to these. I'd recommend them to anyone!

Good Prenatal Vitamin
by Milf

My doctor gave a sample of these after my other prenatal vitamins had made me nauseated. They were easy to swallow and gave me more energy without feeling sick. The price was a little more than I would have liked, but for my baby it was well worth it!

Gentler on pregnant mommies
by allismom

This is worth the extra money! I was much less constipated with this brand than others I have tried. If you have morning sickness, however, make sure to take them before bed instead of taking them in the morning. They still are big and can gag you if you are nauseas.

Easy on the belly, not the pocket book
by Patricia

I have a sensitive stomach and I found this easy to tolerate. No after-burp, nauseated feeling or after taste! The first thing I noticed was shinier nails and hair. If you don't mind the higher price, check this product out!

Easy to take
by stacy myers

I switched to these vitamins when I found out my insurance would not cover the expensive prescription ones my doctor wanted me to take ($49 for a one month supply!). These vitamins offered the same benefits as the pricey ones, and they were easy to take- I did not have to choke them down, and there was no funky "vitamin" taste. I would recommend them for anyone on a budget- I've got a nice healthy baby!

Liked these
by L Ruiz

During my pregnancy, I took Stuart Prenatal and had a good experience. As with others I've tried, these did not upset my stomach, or have a bad aftertaste either.

by Jo

My doctor's office gave me these after the original ones I got dissapointed. These were great! They did not make me sick from the taste or the smell. And I was pleased with amount of folic acid. If they had the Omega 3 fish oil they would be perfect.

Used to prepare for pregnancy
by K.M.

I took these for year before I actually got pregnant and for the first few weeks of my pregnancy. They were easy to swallow and didn't make me feel sick. I was surprised by how expensive they were, but now that I'm taking a prescription pill that costs almost twice as much, I'm going to talk to my doctor about switching back!

Great Alternative to Prescription brands
by TMCole

I was pregnant with my third child when I started taking these. They are great! I noticed a difference when taking these as far as how I felt in the morning and my energy level. Though being in my first trimester, Stuart Prenatals helped in maintaining my energy level. When I asked my Doctor about them he said they were great and actually recommends them over prescription brands. The reason for the 4.5 is because I did find them a bit pricey, but when it comes to your baby, money should be no object. Of course it wasn't. My baby is 3 months old now and I still take them daily. Great OTC product for expecting and post-natal moms.

didn't make me sick!
by S. Murphy

These were recommended to me by my doctor because other prenatal vitamins made me so constipated and nauseous. These worked out great. They were readily available at all the drug stores in my area so I didn't have to hunt for them.

Fantastic Prenatal vitamin!
by MsVegasNeesey

These were wonderful! Knowing I was pregnant but couldn't get into doctor for a month, I wanted to get started with the extra vitamins I would need now. I asked the local pharmacist for his recommendation, and he said Stuart is the best, and he was right! I felt not as tired and just so much better once I started taking these.

Great Product!
by Sara

I was very impressed by this prenatal vitamin. It didn't seem to have that nasty after-taste that some of the other vitamins have and it didn't make me as sick as some of the others. And the price isn't too bad, either.

Give that baby a healthy start
by HS

If you are trying to get pregnant, or are currently pregnant you should be taking a daily Prenatal vitamin with 100% Folic Acid. It's essential for the baby from conception. Stuart Prenatal is one of the best brands that you can get over the counter.

These were great.
by B. VanDyke

With my first pregnancy I took these prenatal vitamins. I loved them. I never felt sick after taking them. I highly recommend them.

I loved these!
by B. Turner

My doctor gave me a sample of these to try while I was pregnant, and I loved them. They didn't make me nauseous like some of the other brands I had tried.

Stuart Prenatal made the difference
by michele marino

I found out I was pregnant and couldn't get an appointment for a month. I wanted to start taking a prenatal vitamins right away as I had read of the importance of very early prenatal nutrition. I went to my local pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to recommend a good prenatal vitamin and he recommended STUART.
I have to say I was soooo tired all the time I started taking the vitamins the very same day and I began to feel better quickly. They did not make me nauseous and when I finally did get to the doctor I told him I was taking Stuart and he said they were great. I had a very healthy beautiful baby boy!

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