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Dr. Randolph's Natural Progesterone Cream

Dr. Randolph's Natural 4 oz. Progesterone Cream is a human-identical/bio-identical formulation of progesterone. This means that the molecules of progesterone suspended in the cream have exactly the same molecular structure as those produced by the human body. The body recognizes, receives and utilizes these molecules. The parent molecule for progesterone comes from a substance known as diosgenin, which is found in soy or Mexican wild yam. Many products on the market today containing soy or Mexican wild yam claim to be a "natural progesterone;" however, until the diosgenin is converted from its original molecular structure, the body will not recognize it. Consequently, soy or Mexican wild yam it the raw state will not generate the same clinical response.

This cream contains the maximum concentration of human-identical progesterone that can be mixed in an over-the-counter (OTC) product.

No parabens. No mineral oil. No animal testing. Only natural ingredients.

Contains 600mg per ounce, or 25mg per ¼ tsp or 25 mg. per pump of natural progesterone.

The progesterone molecule is incased within a liposomal delivery system. This is critical because, as the many layers of the oily globule of liposome melt away like a snowball, the hormones are dispersed continuously through the skin for up to 12 hours. This means that it literally eliminates the underlying issue of hormonal imbalance. Once hormonal balance is restored, persons using this cream will have continuous relief of their symptoms throughout the day. When used correctly, it provides continuous relief of symptoms of hormonal imbalance.
Product: Dr. Randolph's Natural Progesterone Cream
Brand: Hormone Well (More Products)
Size: 4 oz.
Dosage: 0.25 teaspoon
Retail: $39.95
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1 Customer Reviews

Elementary Teacher
by Nola Mulleitner

This cream has been my remedy for living a normal life. I am 58 years old and throughout my most difficult years of going through the changes (peri-menopause and officially a very late menopause in one month), it has helped me with my pms, mood swings, raging, depression, and sex life. While consistency is the key, there were times that I could not afford it and while I was off of it, even my husband noticed the difference. When I was back on, not only was I happier, but there was just a whole calmness about my very being. Believe me, I really can't live without it. My only question now is, when I am officially in menopause, do I still use the same cream in the same way?