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works great for me!!!!
by patty

i have been using femgest for almost a year now and my life has not been the same since! i am in my late 30's and was having a lot of perimenopause symptoms:mood swings, wierd periods, hot flashes, and night sweats. i noticed some improvements within a couple of weeks on the cream and then became symptom free after 2 months on it. i did have to adjust my dosage to find the right balance and now that i have, life is so much easier!!!

Worked for Hot Flashes
by Pam

I have been using FemGest for about 3 months. Prior to that, I was suffering from constant hot flashes due to my menopausal state. The product was very fast acting and my suffering has completely subsided. I can now sleep more comfortably and no longer have the extreme hot flashes. I recently had my hormone levels checked and my doctor said I was fine to continue using this product. I do wish there was a more uniform way to apply it.

This product is amazing!
by Deborah Basinet

Although I had been "suffering" menopausal symptoms for nearly two years I wanted to just get through it like women did in past history before modern science.

What a mistake! Finally I decided to try Femgest because I and others around me were aware I was just not truly myself. Depression/mood swings, total lack of libido, constrant disruption from hot flashes,,,,ruled me life and personality.

I felt almost immediate relief by applying Femquest Progesterone Cream, in truth by a week of use I felt like myself again, balanced,sexual,and the bloating in my stomach area lessened as well.

Although every body is different it is obvious to me that this is what my body was lacking and needed to return to sanity.


It works!
by Melissa

I am thankful for this product. I have been trying to have children for, forever. I was told from my neighbor that she used it for a month and got pregnant with her son and a friend of hers used it for 2 months and conceived. I have been using this product for 3 weeks now and I am ovulating for the first time that I ever know of. I have been testing my LH surge for months, just got a clear and accurate reading. Amazing!!! This has also helped with other things about my body.. Thank you FemGest!

by Vicky

I have been in actual menopause since Sept. of '08. I tried to hold out in not taking any kind of hormone treatment as I would go through all the symptoms (insomnia, hot flashes, brain fog, no energy) for maybe a week or two but then the fog would lift and I would be ok for another 2 weeks or so. This cycle has been going on actually before 2008. As time went on the symptoms would last longer and the breaks were less frequent. I finally decided to try Femgest. I've tried it for over a month twice a day but it has not helped. A couple of weeks ago I thought it did until this past week when the fog came back, which tells me it did not work. I also didn't like to guess on how to measure how much to apply. I have decided (after speaking with my doctor) to try Prometrium, which is FDA approved and comes in a pill form of 100mg. Nobody has the answers for you except you trying different things until you find what works, simply because our bodies are all different. It may take some time, but hang in there... it will be ok! 5-2-09

Greatly helped perimenopause!!!
by N

I tried this because I'm mid-40s and my menstrual cycle was not even a "cycle" anymore, it was becoming increasingly erratic w/ sometimes episodes of heavy bleeding that would come from out of nowhere. Then I would have days of menstrual cramping that would not be related to any bleeding or any cycle. Not to mention the mood swings, headaches, and insomnia - I felt like I had PMS for 3 or 4 months, without a break. And I just can't be this way because I have a job, grad school, 2 kids, etc....But - after only 3 days of using Femgest I felt like I was back to normal, I had a ton of energy, and my menstrual cycle began to even out. Headaches were gone after about 1 week. I really wish I'd found this product sooner. I love it.

Fast Acting!
by Tanna

I recently started using FemGest Progesterone due to estrogen dominance that resulted in severe PMS. I used the minimum amount suggested and I could feel the difference after the first use. I found the cream is very easy to use, feels nice going on, and odorless. The price is very reasonable compared to other progesterone products as well.

Helpful With Other Benefits Too!!
by Rhonda

Got this on the net as a free sample which was what drove me to get more. I cannot say a thing negative about it. It absolutely reduced the number of hot spells I was having.
As far as minimizing any mood swings, it is hard to determine if in fact I was moody, or my family was more than usually irritating. So for mood swings, I'm forced to say it is relative to each situation, only when it becomes by-gone hindsight will I be able to objectively determine if I even suffered from moodiness.
An added benefit for those with deprived husbands; a marked increase in libido and sexual desire. This making it difficult for my significant other to judge if my moods stabilized as any gripping around here is easily overlooked when I'm rushing him to the bedroom.
I like it. I apply it to my hands or feet in the morning, just like lotion so that made it unique.
Only drawback is that it is pricey in my opinion, but overall worth it as the quality of the synthetic progesterone was excellent. I am unable to tolerate man made progesterone, and usually become a crazed evil witch when ingesting it orally. I was using this daily to every other day and oddly for me, I did maintain a sane mind.
Wonderful idea for the application!!

Great product
by J

After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for quite some time, I asked my doctor about trying a progesterone cream. He basically said that it probably wouldn't help, but that it wouldn't hurt anything to try.
After using this cream on my stomach for 1 month (according to the directions on the package insert), I was expecting a healthy baby boy. I don't know for certain that it was the FemGest, but I will always believe that it was.
I researched several brands before I bought this, and decided on FemGest because it was a natural product (and because it came in a two pack!). It was not at all sticky and had no offensive odor.

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