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by Yvonne

Love this product. The bar is so big . It last for a very long time. It smells great. This is an excellent product.

by Dave

I tried Kiss My Face bar soap while deployed to Iraq with the Marine Corps, and was immediately convinced that this ws a superior product. I have since made several purchases of Kiss My Face bar soap products, and recently tried the pure olive oil variety. It held true to the reputation I had come to expect, and I ould recomend it to anyone who wants an honest clean feeling while preserving a dedication to quality and the environment.

Love product
by Nichole Alderfer

I really like kiss my face products because they use natural ingredients. Olive oil has been used for centuries; especially by those living in the mediterean for softer skin and hair. I have oily skin and find unlike most man made products olive oil does not cause my face to break out. Love this product and highly recommend it.

kiss my face olive oil bar soap
by carolyn

I absolutely love this product. Alot of soaps dry my skin out. I can even use this soap in the winter. It has a clean scent and washes off easily.

Gentle and Effective!
by Anje

I love that this face soap has olive oil in it! I use olive oil and brown sugar as a body scrub and love how it makes my skin feel - this soap makes my face feel the same way! Very affordable and it is great.

by Louisa Ritchotte

Woman all over are trying new products to stop the aging process, I tried this product and was surprise that is made my skin so soft and smooth. You wake up the skin with new feelings once you continue to use it. I really enjoy this product.

Love It
by Denise

I have used several products over the years but this one beats them all. And it is inexpensive too. Very good product.

love it!!!
by a. smith

I have just about the most sensitive skin ever, but this bar of soap in awesome. I was told by a friend to try it out, because she also has sensitive skin. at first I was skeptical of how well a bar of soap could actually clean skin, because I was so used to my foaming cleansers, but I have come to realize that this bar of soap actually cleans my skin much more thuroughly (sorry I spelled that wrong.. I am a horrible speller) than my foaming cleansers ever have!!! and, best of all, i didn't have an allergic reaction, which i can not say about many other products I have tried. so, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin. Best of all, it is only 2.79 at Kroger. Can't beat a deal like that! :)

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by Vicki

Best soap ever! Don't even have to use make-up remover.

kiss my face olive oil soap
by heather

All I use is olive oil soap, and this is the best one I've found so far. Doesn't leave you shiny or greasy feeling and the smell isnt over powering. I love it!