f Melaleuca CranBarrier Reviews and Information


CranBarrier helps maintain a healthy urinary tract - naturally.
Product: CranBarrier
Brand: Melaleuca (More Products)
Size: 60 tablets
Dosage: Take 2 tablets daily
Retail: $19.00
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5 Customer Reviews

by Ron Schrock

We have used CranBarrier for some time. Especially for our Daughter it has been a real blessing in prevention and getting rid of urinary tract problems. I would recommend it to anyone.

by Brandy

This is a good alternative to use than drinking a large amount of cranberry juice. I have to say it helped with the urinary tract, but it will not completely get rid of the problem if you have an infection. You will need to go to the doctor if you have one. However, it helps to keep everything balanced and working, and will relieve some burning or urgency of having to urinate. Overall, is great for anyone.

Works great!
by A. Bowles

Melalueca Cranbarrier is a great product. I used to get a lot of urinary tract infections. During each infection I would drown myself in cranberry juice, until someone suggested Melalueca's Cranbarrier. I love the taste of Cranberry Juice but Cranbarrier tablets are much handier. I take 2 day and it helps prevent the UTI's. I'm now urinary infection free!

Great alternative to juice
by Angela

Melaleuca CranBarrier works wonderful. I have been prone to bladder infections and urinary infections for as long as I can remember. I used to keep cranberry juice on hand just in case. I was never able to drink a full glass due to the harsh strong taste of the juice so I never recieved the full benefits of cranberry that I should have. Logically Melaleuca came out with an alternative to juice. I take 2 tablets daily and I have not had one single bladder infection in 3 months. This really does work and I love the added benefit of less calories and no harsh taste.

I've found what I needed!
by Sarah

No more bladder infections! I was always told that cranberry juice would help, but I didn’t like the taste of it or the extra calories and sugar. This is the solution! This is a safe product that I feel good about taking. I also give it to my teen-age daughter and she’s happy with it too! The taste isn’t bad for a chewable either! I would give this a try if your having bladder infections.