f Nature's Sunshine Kidney Activator Reviews and Information

Kidney Activator

•Encourages proper water balance in body tissues.
•Supports body mechanisms designed to prevent (not cure) stone formation.
•Soothes kidneys and bladder.

Kidney Activator nutritionally supports the urinary system, specifically bladder and kidney health. Parsley and uva ursi support urinary health. Juniper berries support the urinary system (especially the kidneys), helping the body’s efforts to maintain proper fluid balance. It contains:

Juniper berries
Parsley herb
Uva ursi leaves
Dandelion root
Chamomile flowers
Product: Kidney Activator
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 100 capsules
Dosage: Take 2 capsules daily
Retail: $15.35
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4 Customer Reviews

Super duper recouper!
by C Collins

How many of you out there have suffered from urinary tract infections? You know that the pain is so unbearable that you don't move for fear. By the time a urinary tract infection is full blown, you feel as if you will die. I have suffered from urinary tract infections for years, especially since I got married (women you know what I mean). Since using this product, I have not had one infection in over two years. You don't have to suffer from the awful unbearable pain of a urinary tract infection. It is such a relief to not have to suffer like that any more, or to have to run to the doctor for an antibiotic every time I start to get an infection. This is an awesome, awesome product.....try it.

Great help with UTIs
by BusyMommy

I had huge problem with UTIs and saw great results after I started taking this. I felt better in a very short amount of time. It is very much worth the price.

Helped with my kidney Stones
by dee

I am prone to kidney stones and my doctor told me about this product as a means of maintenance. Since I began taking this product I have had less UTIs and no episodes of kidney stones. It has worked for me. I highly reccomned it if you suffer from UTI or kidney stones.

Holding On to Water
by cynthia

Kidney Activator works on many different types of problems. I have used it to help people with incontinence, those who retain fluid, and people with a family history of kidney weakness. It has worked in all cases.