f Planetary Formulas Cranberry Bladder Defense 880 Reviews and Information

Cranberry Bladder Defense 880

Cranberry's unique constituents are noted for their anti-adhesion qualities, which support a healthy genitourinary tract. Planetary Formulas Cranberry Bladder Defense™ combines a highly concentrated cranberry extract with echinacea, one of North America's most respected botanicals for supporting immune defenses, and uva ursi, highly valued for its support of the genito-urinary system.
Product: Cranberry Bladder Defense 880
Brand: Planetary Formulas (More Products)
Size: 120 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets 3 times daily
Retail: $31.98
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5 Customer Reviews

by Carrie Darling

I use these at first sign of a UTI. I actually did a clinical research study and a patient on these for UTIS! It lowers the bacteria in the bladder so infections cannot form.

Cranberry defense
by Amanda

This is so much easier than drinking a whole bunch of cranberry juice and is also way more convenient. To anyone that has had UTI problems, it is not fun. I always get one in the summer so I have started taking these before to prevent anything from happening.

Stop the Bladder Problems
by Jody H

I always have had bladder infections in the past and let me tell you they are no fun to get. A friend of mine told me to try the Cranberry Bladder Defense 880 so I did. It's only a capsule and it did actually work. I noticed no more infections in the last several months.

A prevention
by Sam

I had a UTI once in my life and let me tell you, it's not fun at all!! Hurts like crazy! One of my friend's recommended me to drink cranberry to stop it from coming back, so I did. Then I saw this on the shelf of a drug store and thought maybe I should try this out. So I have been taking these pills lately, and so far, I haven't a UTI. The only problem is remembering taking it.

cranberry is key
by Amy Jackson

Not only is there cranberry to help fight bladder infections, but there is also echinacea which is an amazing all around herb. These pills are easy to take and digest, and I would highly recommend them if you feel like you are coming down with a bladder or urinary tract infection.