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by Karen S.

My husband & I both take Nature's Way Cranberry fruit for the cardiac and urinary tract benefits.

ALSO, we have been giving our 5 yr. old Labradoodle 1 capsule per day for 3 yrs. now. She used to get nonstop bladder infections and has not had ONE since we began the cranberry supplement. Our vet gave us 2 thumbs up!

I take it everyday
by Anje

I've had UTIs and bladder infections so I take this everyday to keep my urinary tract healthy!

Good Alternative
by Mary

This is good if you don't like to drink cranberry juice, or don't want the calories, but want the health benefits from the berry.

Great product
by AmyT

I am prone to UTIs and since I found this product, I have not had to go to the doctor for antibiotics! I don't take it everyday, just when symptoms show up. I take 2 capsules 3 times a day and by the 3rd day all symptoms are gone. I usually take cranberry for at least 5 days.

by Renee

I'm prone to UTIs and don't like the taste of cranberry juice so this was a great solution for me! The infections are gone and no juice to drink or prescriptions to take.

Works Better Than Most
by Tammy

This product is great! I am prone to urinary tract infections so I started using this product a while back and I am happy to say that I haven't had a single incident!

Cranberry for UTIs
by Amy

I like this pill a lot. It really helps heal your urinary tract infections quick. You don't have to drink the cranberry juice either which saves calories and it's good for someone like me who doesn't like juice. The only downside is it turns your pee bright orange. Also, if it isn't helping, the doctor can't give you a UTI test because the cranberry is already in your system.

No More UTI
by Dee

I have not tried this product but my daughter uses it. She has always suffered from urinary tract infections and I have always had her drink cranberry juice. She likes the capsules so much better than the juice. They seem to work for her because she doesn't complain after taking them. She doesn't take them everyday, only when needed for a few days.

Great stuff
by Amie

If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections - try this! I was directed by my doctor to drink lots of fluids. He specifically suggested cranberry juice to help with the infection. I am not overly fond of cranberry juice. This was suggested by a friend - it helps tremendously! Two birds with one stone - I don't have to drink the cranberry juice (although I do still drink lots of fluids!) and it helps with UTIs. Great product - good price.

Cranberries are Fantastic!
by Johnna Moniz

I came upon Cranberry Fruit while looking for a natural product in my local pharmacy. I decided to take it home and give it a try. It actually worked! That was 4 years ago. Now, whenever I feel that I'm comming down with a UTI, I reach for the Cranberry Fruit capsules.

works great
by victoria

I keep a bottle of these around for times when a urinary tract infection may arise. I have had several UTI's and I found that taking this supplement in conjunction with the prescription drug to get rid of the infection really shortened my healing time. I asked my doctor about using this product with the other medication and he said it was fine. I really recommend this product if you suffer from urinary tract infections

Excellent UTI Prevention
by Karen Wagner

After suffering from recurring UTIs I have finally found a product that prevents me from getting them. I found it hard to drink cranberry juice every day so I tried taking Cranberry Fruit. It is a convenient way to take cranberry for UTI prevention. Before taking Cranberry Fruit I had frequent urinary tract infections. Since taking Cranberry Fruit I have not had even one UTI. I definitely recommend Cranberry Fruit for an easy, convenient way to help prevent UTI's and to maintain good urinary tract health

Good for UTI prevention
by Arial

I've been getting UTI's starting last year, and I do what I can to prevent another one coming up. Having a UTI is more than a nuisance, it could also be life threatening. I used to drink a lot of cranberry juice (roughly a full glass a day) whenever I feel another UTI is about to happen, but decided to buy pills since it's more convenient. So far, it's been good, since I've yet to have another infection.

It worked for me
by Bethany

I'm prone to UTIs for some reason. I feared that all the different medications I was on would change this, but it didn't. Cranberry Fruit works wonders for me.

Never thought cranberry's were good for you.
by William Duong

Urinary Tract Infections are not very pleasant because they always seem to ruin my week. I was always feeling cramped and I saw this cranberry fruit supplement. I didn't know that it could help, but sure enough I felt my symptoms and cramps disappear for a long time. I did forget to take the supplement for a while and sure enough the symptoms came back, so I am sure that it was the cranberry fruit.

Great Product!
by Sherry S.

In the past I had problems with over the counter medicines that "helped" relieve UTI, in fact everything that I tried I was allergic to which made things even worse then before. So I would have to end up spending a lot of money going to the doctor and then paying more money for a prescription to finally get relief. My mother told me about this product and that it could help with UTI's and even help me before they started. I love this product it helped a lot!

by Corri

Last year, I was plagued with at least one unrinary tract infection per month. I was afraid I'd soon become immune to the antibiotics I was bring prescribed. I saw this product at the drug store and thought I'd give it a shot, and boy, am I glad I did! As soon as I start feeling the symptoms of a UTI, I start taking these pills as directed and my symptoms disappeared within 24 hours. A trip to my doctor's office is not necessary when I take this product. Highly recommended!

by zhen

This product is recommended for maintenance of the urinary tract. I think that the capsules are an easy and convenient way to get the advantages of cranberries without having to drink a lot of the juice, which is often very high in sugar. I'd recommend it based on my use thus far.

cranberry way
by devla

I suffer from frequent Urinary Tract Infections and this has really made a difference in my life. It works great, and helps to clear the symptoms right up. It is also much cheaper and more natural than the antibiotics you usually have to take.

Low Calorie Solution to UTI
by Lynn Lacas

I have suffered from UTI off and on my entire life. I love cranberry juice and would drink it all the time if it wasn't so high in calories. Not everything you hear and read about natural cures actually works or is even that good for you, but cranberry juice definitely helps prevent and cure UTI as well as being very high in vitamin c. Nature's way cranberry Vegicaps allows you to maintain great urinary tract health without packing on the pounds.

Avoid Antibiotics!!!
by Staci H.

One of the best things I ever learned was that cranberry supplements/juice help with UTIs. It has saved me from continuous UTIs and rounds of antibiotics (which just build up antibiotic resistance... a really bad thing). I was happy to find these pills because it works more efficiently than drinking tons of cranberry juice all the time.

Great product!
by Blueberry

This is an excellent product for UTI. A year back I had terrible UTI and my Doc gave me a prescription and it went away. He suggested Cranberry Fruit for future prevention of UTI's and this is what I have been taking since and have never got a UTI so far. This is far better than the sugar loaded cranberry juices you get in the market!

by Patty

I really like taking Cranberry Fruit tablets versus drinking cranberry juice when I have a UTI. I thoroughly dislike drinking cranberry juice, both because of the flavor and because of the high sugar content. With this product, I can have the results without the compromise.

UTI Battle
by Savannah R.

Cranberry is an excellent preventive for UTI's if used regularly. My mother has frequent UTI's and Cranberry has worked better for her then using certain medications. The best thing is she said it has no side effects which she has suffered with typical over-the-counter medications.

Try it out for yourself
by Jeff

My wife is one of many women who suffer from frequent bladder infections. Since she has started taking this Cranberry Fruit, she has had much less problems. She does not really like the flavor of cranberries much, so she refuses to drink cranberry juice. Therefore, this works great for her. She has been very pleased overall with this product.

Great for UTI
by allismom

Of course when you get a UTI, the first thing everyone suggests is cranberry juice. The only ones I could stand drinking had so much sugar, I don't think they did me any good. I stumbled across this supplement at the store when I wasn't suffering from one and put it in the cupboard -just in case. About a month later, I needed it and was so thankful to have it in this form!

What a savings.
by Jennifer Tyler

I have to say I am sure I am not alone when I say I have no insurance. When getting a UTI, not everyone has the money to run to the family doctor and get a prescription. I myself don't, and that's why I am glad there are great products out there such as this one. I was introduced to this item several years ago by my mother in law, and it has stood strong since. It is almost as good as pain reliever because it works so fast. Also, the price is affordable.

No More Pain
by Kathy

I wish I could give Nature's Way Cranberry Fruit more than a 5 rating. I would give it a 10. I suffered for 4 years with UTI's and drinking cranberry juice and taking antibiotics. Sometimes more than one round in a one month span. After switching doctors because I felt the one I was going to wasn't helping she advised me to get the cranberry fruit capsules. Since taking them I have yet to experience another UTI. If you've ever had an UTI you know you will pay any amount of money to get relief. I didn't even have to take a round of antibiotics my new doc just had me get the cranberry fruit and use them for "medicine." I chose Narures way brand because I have used other products made by their company. I now have my daughter taking them also and she experienced frequent UTIs also. Now she also is UTI free!! Great great great product really a 10+.
Put me on a commercial LOL

GREAT Daily Combat
by Karen O.

I have had UTI's for years, and after taking antibiotics, my doctor suggested that I take a cranberry supplement so that I could lessen their occurence. I take these frequently, and I have DEFINITELY had fewer infections. Overall, I am very pleased with this product.

Easy Supplement
by Crystal

I used to get UTIs quite often, but since I have started taking these supplements every day, I haven't had any. This supplement is an easy addition to my multi-vitamin that I take everyday. Its also inexpensive and saves me the trouble of having to drink cranberry juice.

Daily Cranberry to your Health
by HS

Taking a daily Cranberry supplement is a great idea even if you don't experience any urinary track problems. It will help keep you healthy and help avoid any future problems with urination. This is a good brand to try first and if you don't like it there are many choices.

Less UTI's!
by Mindy

In the past few years, I have started getting UTI's a lot more frequently than before. I hated the thought of drinking cranberry juice because I can't stand to drink it. I was talking with a coworker, and she suggested this product. I started taking it the next day and have noticed a decrease in my UTI's! I feel so much better knowing I am preventing infection!

Help Prevent UTI
by Candice

I have been taking Nature's way cranberry fruit supplements for some time now. I used to get UTI's very often and they are so uncomfortable. I hate the taste of cranberry juice and its really hard to find juice that has more then 10% of real cranberry juice in it. These pills are perfect for those of us who hate the taste of the juice but need the benefits to ward off infections.


I have sufferred for years with frequent urinary infections. My doctors repeatedly encouraged me to drink cranberry juice to neutralize my urine to prevent infections, but I hated the taste. My husband found this product and bought it for me. I started taking it and my infections have decreased, and I have not had one since June of last year. I will not miss a day without taking it.

helped with UTI
by L. Jones

I've had problems with urinary tract infections in the past and a friend recommended cranberry juice and capsules. I tried this one by Nature's Way the last time I got a UTI and it went away very quickly. I take them 2-3 times a week now and keep a bottle around in case I get that tell-tale pain. I really liked these and they worked for me!

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