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by Nura

I started taking TruNature Cranberry about 6months ago and so far I have had no signs of a UTI. The only down part is taking it 3 times a day. I hate cranberry juice, so this is definately a better choice since its a gel. Thank god for this pill, its amazing!

Better the juice
by Lorri

I used to get UTI's quite frequently and my doctor told me to drink some cranberry juice every day. I hate the taste of cranberry juice so instead I tried TruNature Cranberry softgels. I started out taking 1 softgel 3 times a day but then after 1 month went down to taking 2 a day and that seems to work for me. I haven't had a UTI in over a year now since I started this. It is definitely worth the price if it works for you. It's cheaper then taking prescriptions.

Avoid the sting
by Denise

I've used cranberry supplements on and off for years to prevent the sting of UTI. Like many others, I don't particularly like cranberry juice or the imbalance of sugars to nutritive content. These are a convenient way to stave off the awful symptoms of UTI.
I have tried many different brands of Cran Supplements, but TruNature's softgels are not only palatable and the right size, but tend to be cheaper than other brands that require 2 or 3 times the daily dose. For the past year I have only been taking one pill a day along with increased berry consumption and have not had any symptoms of UTI.

Cranberry To The Rescue
by leslie

I had a horrible urinary tract infection awhile ago. I heard that cranberry juice is great at getting rid of one. Also,one of my friends recommended I take these TruNature ShanStar Cranberry pills. All I can say is, Wow! My UTI was gone in just a few days with these.

helps a lot
by ndy

Dealing with the pain of a UTI is very bad, so my doctor recommended that I take cranberry juice and pills to help out. I found TruNature, and have not had any reason to switch. I take it daily and have not had any UTIs in the last nine months since I started taking it. The only problem is having to take the pill 3 times everyday, but when you remember the pain of not taking it, you have no other option.

Keeps you very healthy down there
by Tiffany

As a young woman after hitting puberty, my mother always made me drink cranberry juice. Once I was old enough, she finally explained why. It keeps your urinary tract on track. I also found out as a woman that juice doesn't always contain 100% cranberry, so I turned to pills instead. I've only had one yeast infection in my life and that was when I stopped keeping up with the cranberry. So this definitely works!

Happy Bladder
by Valerie M.

My fear of kidney stones got me curious about cranberry supplements, and TruNature's softgels seem to be keeping me in good shape! Not a single UTI in the two years since I started taking it!

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