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Natural Cranberry

"Schiff Natural Cranberry Concentrate contains one gram of cranberry powder, which is eight times more concentrated than whole cranberries. And unlike typical cranberry juice drinks, which can have large amounts of fructose and added sugar, Schiff Natural Cranberry Concentrate does not add sugars.
Cranberries help support a healthy urinary tract.* The compounds in cranberries (bioflavanoids, organic acids, carotenoids, and fiber) coat and protect the urinary tract.* Hippuric acid is formed by the body from other comonents of cranberries."
Product: Natural Cranberry
Brand: Schiff (More Products)
Size: 90 Softgels
Dosage: 2 softgels daily
Retail: $17.29
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5 Customer Reviews

Schiff Cranberry softgels to the rescue!
by Corey

I've had a problem with UTIs for the last two years or so and I was told to drink a lot of cranberry juice to help combat them. The juice alone never really made any impact due to the fact that most of the cranberry juice on the market is nothing more than high fructose syrup and maybe 5% actual cranberry. So, at one of my visits to the OBGyn last year I asked what more I could do and they suggested I try Schiff Natural Cranberry Gels. I was a bit reluctant to buy it because it is a bit expensive compared to other brands, but I've learned it is well worth the cost. I've found that it reduces the time I actually have the infection on top of the fact that I've seen a dramatic drop in the number of infections I actually do get. I now take one softgel everyday and haven't had a serious infection in 6 months. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from reoccurring UTIs.

Much better than juice
by BA

I was told to drink lots and lots of cranberry juice to fight a urinary tract infection. I guzzled tons of the juice despite the fact that I didn't like the taste. I tried so many different types and brands of juices, but none ever tasted good to me. Half of them were too sour, while the other half was cloyingly sweet. Despite the bad taste, I was willing to keep drinking cranberry juice because it worked. Cranberry juice really helped me through the horrible UTI. To prevent another episode and keep my body healthy, I looked into cranberry juice substitutes and found this product. I was so pleased that Schiff made a cranberry substitute because I love the Schiff brand! Anyway, I was unsure whether this product would be as effective but decided to give it a try. I haven't really had a similar episode and although I can't completely claim that it was a direct result of this product, I do think that it helped. This is another in a long line of Schiff products that I love and I hope that this will prevent me from ever having to guzzle cranberry juice again.

Cranberry solution
by Erika

When I was recommended to drink cranberry juice as a solution to urinary tract infections, I found that it was near impossible to find a juice not loaded with extra sugars. Natural Cranberry soft gels was the solution for me, and it has been extremely beneficial to my health. I no longer suffer from frequent infections and the soft gels remain the best solution I have tried. I take them several times a week and would recommend them to my female friends. However, it would be difficult to tell if this is the "best" cranberry concentrate out there, as I simply selected this type at random.

by Paula

I have used several brands of Cranberry extracts and had to take twice the amount to get the same effect as 2 softgels of Schiff Natural Cranberry. Schiff has one called CranAssurance that is also great. I have to take it daily because I'm prone to urinary tract infections due to over growth of yeast. Taking it regularly, I shorten the days of the effects of urinary irritation.

Natural Cranberry
by Tammy

This is a great product for preventing bladder infections. I use it twice a day EVERY day and it has been the best preventive for me compared to other cranberry products out there! I've tried many.