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love it
by Claire

Love love love this product. I weighed 137 and just 5 days later I am down to 132. The first day was a little iffy (was shaking and super hyper). Your appetite grows a little after the first few days. You do get golden urine (but it doesn't smell or hurt). I exercise doing about 20-30 mins of cardio. But even on the days I don't work out I still lose a pound sometimes 2. If you eat healthy it works 10 times better but you can eat how you want (sort of). I would recommend it!

by Bennett

I have had golden urine and the worst back and leg pain ever.. Not taking them anymore...

by janice

i started taking these just this week and went back to work and weighed in and weighed myself again today and i have lost three pounds and i do have energy but was it from work with all the walking i do or these vitamins; i'm going to continue to take and see what happens wt 222.2 todays wt 219.4

GReat Vit Pak!! Take Them
by patricia

ok yes there are some side effects to the pills, like cinderella said, ur pee turns neon yellow lol but it dnt smell and no matter how much water u drink its still yellow. ur energy level boosts through the roof. which is what the pills are to help with, keeping u active (but of course we will all have a tired day here and there). i did stop taking them for a week cuz i went on vacation and i noticed that i felt bloted after i ate. so make sure u dnt stop taking them!! when u do take them u must have food in ur tummy or they will make ur tummy upset, ull burp them up and have a foul taste in ur mouth or ull get the shakes or even throw up. i havent thrown up but felt like it. i have no problems with the pills unless i do take on an empty stomache, but if u ask any dr, ur supposed to have something with them.
i reccomend that any woman that is or is trying to become active take these.

Back pain
by April

Looked all over the internet for side effects and couldn't find any. Love the energy but came with the worst back pain and leg pain ever. Stopped taking them for 2 days and the pain lessened a lot. Tried taking 1 pill instread of 2 to see if that was better. Back pain came back though not as strong. Something is quite right with these vitamins.

by Cristy

I js now started taking this pills so far ive heard good comments about it but i still feel a little insecure about it.. Like are they ok to take?? I have been going to the gym just started actually, i am 4'11 & weight 130 lbs so js wanted to get in shape & loose sum xtra pounds.. Will this pills actually help me feel better? Help with weight loss?? Idk i am goin to keep taking them see what the results are.. Well wish me good luck guys.. Would appreciate sum advise tho.. Thanx:) (e-mail

Might work
by Arelis

Today is my second day taking this pills, first day I had alot of energy but second day I felt very tired and sleepy, I dont know if this is normal but I feel good about taking them.

Women's Ultra Mega ACTIVE
by Deanna

I am getting the full results of 98% of this wonderful vitamin. I use a pill cutter to chop it in 6-10 smaller pieces (your right it smells strong) and then I put it in a mortar and pestle bowl to mash and grind it into a fine dusty powder. I put the powder in with fresh lemonade or a citrus drink using a hand blender to mix in well. I only use about 2 oz of liquid so that I can drink it like a shot! Taking this vitamin has changed my life. I have more energy, eat less, work harder, think faster & my hair and nails are growing like mad. I am in my mid 40's so this vitamin really helps with my energy level. I highly recommend liquidizing this vitamin. There are people who do not think it works as well just because they are not getting the full substance strength absorbed into the body.

Full of energy here....

by Isabell

I had gained weight when I was 16 from a medicine. I am 23 now and in those 7 years I tried and tried and tried EVERYTHING to lose weight. I've been working out 3 - 5 days week for the past 7 years. I am a vegetarian and eat very healthy! Nothing I did was working. I started these vitamins in July. I was 196lbs at 4'11 Now its Not even October and I weigh... get this........ 148lbs !!!!!! I look hot as hell! LoL I swear by these vitamins. It is NOT EASY! I throw up from vitamins so I must eat something while taking them. I DO space them out during the day. There can be some side effects, for example : Your urine can get BRIGHT yellow and when you wipe it looks like yellow dye on the toilet paper. Don't worry... its just from the vitamin. Don't freak out like I did! LoL. Also.... I'm not sure if this is a side effect but I did notice that I go to the bathroom A LOT more frequent. And I'm not talking #1. Sorry people. I know TMI lol but for real... you came here for info that's what I have for ya. Sometimes ill suddenly just have to run to a bathroom so when you try these vitamins... do it on the weekend at home so you can see how your body will react. I DO NOT SUGGEST TAKING WITHOUT FOOD! I usually take them in the a.m WITH a multi grain sandwhich thin, tunafish, fat free sliced cheese & a pickle on the side. I will take 3 bites - take a vitamin, 1 more bite - 1 more vitamin, 2 more bites - 2 more vitamins and so on. I always try to leave on last bite for when I take them all. Plus do not forget to drink lots of water. I drink an entire water bottle in the a.m with them. Well, any questions and you can find me on facebook or email me Hope it helped! PS.... I've been trying to look for official side effects on this Womens Ultra Mega Active (dietary supplement) but I can't seem to find them anywhere online. That's how I cam across this forum. Well, any info on that pleaaassee let me know. Thank You :)

by Sandy

I started taking the pills about 4 weeks ago. They were
hard to swallow but I was determined so I managed to get the down with milk. They did have an unpleasant smell but I got over this in a few days. The problem is I have absolutely no more energy and still feel tired every day. I have been able to cut down my food untake and eat healthy foods.....but I wonder if this was just my will power since it just started this week. I will continue to take them because I think they are good for me.

Great so far!!!!
by Tina

I have been taking this for 3 weeks and have noticed that I am not as tired as i used to be nor do i get very hungry just before a meal like i used to. The only thing I cannot stand and may cause me to not purchase another bottle is the smell. Is it really supposed to smell this bad? I know all vitamins smell but this one is the worst.

by lisa

it really helps. i'd give it 5 stars except for the size of the pill, and the awful smell of the pills. i think they smell like cat treats, but other then that they work and make me feel amazing!

Women's Ultra Mega Active
by Nikki

My best friend and I recently both started these vitamins along with a new exercise routine and healthier eating. The first day we took them I did not eat beforehand and I felt very jittery and vomited multiple times that day. The next day, determined as I am to get back into shape after four kids, I ate half a portion of a healthy meal, took the vitamin pack then finished the meal and drank an entire glass of water. My friend took them earlier in the morning along with a healthy breakfast. After taking my pills we waited about fifteen minutes and then started our exercise routine. Halfway through the routine I noticed she started to lose steam while I was just getting into the groove and felt I could exercise forever! Immediately after our workout we both drank our protein shakes and we felt awesome. I definitely recommend eating RIGHT as you take the vitamins and using the energy for your workout immediately. If you plan on working out in the morning, use the vitamins in the morning. If you plan on working out in the afternoon, take the vitamins then, etc. I have noticed, after about a week of taking the vitamins, that I have more energy for life and am enjoying being up and moving about as opposed to sluggish and tired all the time. I don't recommend taking them on days that you are not exercising as the pent up energy translates into the jitters and an over anxious feeling. Always always always take them with food or you will feel nauseous and jittery and maybe even get sick like I did. Hope this helps anyone. I will come back and write more after a few more weeks. Good luck everyone!


Before taking ultra mega active I had no energy. Immediatly I felt a surge of energy. After 2 months I notice that my nails had grown long and strong. Love Women's Ultra Mega Active viatmins

by Renee

I hate taking pills, period. These vitamins are large, but the coating helps them go down easier. After initially taking them, I noticed I was much more alert in the morning. I didn't need coffee. I have enough energy after work to do household chores and workouts. I really needed something to keep my energy level up; this multi-vitamin seems to be doing the trick.

by Maria

I just started taking this yesterday, but notice a change already. I feel more alert and wanting to do something. Very energetic but not jittery. The only strange side effect that I noticed was peeing neon yellow, which I found out has to do with Vitamin b2. I went to a local GNC and the gentleman recommended this. I asked him to find me something that helped with weight loss while working out, gave me energy, provided vitamins and was healthy. I am happy to have found this because I feel like my eyes are open. I typically feel tired and overworked... usually feel like I'm in a fog and can't concentrate. Yesterday was a great day and finally felt like my happy self. Today, I feel the same. Happy and energized without the jitters. The taste and smell are tolerable. I don't notice it as much as others seem to do. The size isn't a big deal either. I'm content with the product! I will check back after a while and re post with updates.

Health Nut
by Kim

I have been taking this for years. I got started taking them after having my girls 101/2 months apart..I know, I know. Well anyway my immune system was shot and I kept getting pnumonia every 8 months or so. Then when I was pregnant with my son I got Mono and Pnumonia at the same time. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. In about 2-3 weeks I started feeling MUCH better. The illness stopped and 10 years later I am still on them.

Just starting..
by Jasmine

I just bought this product, but am worried that once my body gets used to the vitamins, and I may want to stop taking them at some point, and my body will end up feeling worse? Or even gain weight because I don't have that extra energy they provide? Is this crazy..I really do not know much about this stuff.

Working Out
by Lee

I started taking this vitamin because I wanted to increaes my workouts and stamina. Well, I have high blood pressure and I take three meds; My pressure is now somewhat on the high side with medications and my heart rates has dropped very low, which is just the opposite from what I am reading from others. I think I will stop this for a while to see if my pressure changes. Other than this, I think this is a good product for active women. Just check with you physician if you are on blood pressure or heart meds before starting, just as you would with any other OTC products.

Personal Use of Capsules of Ultra Mega Women's vitamins
by Cathy Maestas

My Opinion; I have been taking these capsules and they are easy to swallow and give me energy from just 1 capsule. I have been using them for around 2 years and when I don't take one, I definetely notice.

I am now going to try the caplets and hope they work as well. My only worry about the change is the dissolability of the caplet and ability to swallow a bigger pill. God Willing these work as well as the capsules...

by Cathy

The only negative to this vitamin is the coating. The coating has this vanilla flavoring and may seem pleasant to swallow for some, but I find it very disgusting.

If you don't want something to cause jitters or similar problems, don't buy anything with the word "active" on it. These vitamins are intended to be used by people that expel their energy by exercising, or something similar.

I take these vitamins along with fish oil, Hydroxycut Max, and a "Be Hot" vitamin pack. On the nutritional facts, I don't even see anything that says caffeine, but for things that do contain caffeine, such as Hydroxycut, it is never a dangerous amount. And it is added to increase your heart rate in order to burn more calories while exercising.

A little bit of chest pain isn't irregular for some of those products because it can cause acid reflux in some people. It isn't anything to be rushed to the hospital about.

These vitamins have made me feel better each day, and my stamina in the gym is so much better than it was before I started taking them.

Back pains
by DJ

This product is no good. I have the worst back pain ever from them. I was taking them a last year and stopped because my back was hurting but I didnt no if it was the pills or not . But I just started taking them a couple of days again and now the pain is back.

Getting Fit
by Meghan

I have never had a problem taking this vitamin. I take 2 daily and have never had a bad side effect (ie racing heart, jitters) I think it's great!

Emergency Room...:(
by L.A. Woman

I took 2 on Sunday morning and 2 on Monday morning around 7am, by 2:30pm on Monday I called 911 and was rushed to the ER with chest pain, I could not even talk on the phone, it was very scary... over $20.00 in the trash...

New to Vitamins
by Janelle

Everyone keeps warning about the caffeine in the product, also known as guarana seed extract...? but I can't seem to find it on the box at all, are we sure it's there? Because if so, I don't want to keep taking this product.
I just recently started trying to be healthier, just a couple days ago. And while I haven't yet made it to the gym I've noticed I'm more energetic- I find myself dancing and singing in the shower, bouncing my legs around when I'm working at the computer, like I'm just chomping at the bit to get to the gym!
I've also been drinking whey protein shakes, I think they're helping as well- they keep me full throughout the day so I eat healthier foods, makes it easier to not cave and eat junk!

Health conscious
by Pamela

Caffiene is not listed on the ingredients

but sucralose is. For that reason I'm dumping my bottle and I won't buy it again.

Not so good
by Jennifer Burton

No changes. I feel like I was just throwing money away.

Urine is very strong
by TMD

My experience is that now I urinate with more frequency and the color is bright yellow almost radioactive. And now I experience pain in the lower part of my back.

Women's Ultra Mega Active
by K

I work at a gym and these packs are awesome. They do turn your urine neon yellow, but it's nothing to be concerned about. It contains carnitine and cla (in addition to other ingredients) which both help to retain muscle and utilize fat as an energy source. This product has definitely helped me to see much more definition in all my muscle groups.

Women's Ultra Mega
by Scarlett DiMario

I use to use this product religiously a few years back. I have come to use it again, because I was so satisfied with it before. When I use to use it, there was really only a couple of kinds, women's ultra mega, and the one for 50+ years. Now there is one for almost anything. I choose the active. I am sure that I will be just as satisfied with active as original.

Good Product!
by Monique A. Clark

I started taking Mega Woman years ago. I noticed that if I had a cut or bruise it would not take long to heal. After having children and working I stopped exercising and trying to eat healthy. Picking up anything that would eliminate me cooking! Needless to say I have gained weight and have become extremely tired. I picked up a couple of bottles today and know without a shadow of doubt that my metabolism will be up and running soon. I like this vitamin because I can feel it working! I do not take two (one in the and one in the night) because I want to sleep during the night. Boosting my metabolism will help me get back to exercising and eating properly. I'll write back in 90 days!

great multi-vitamin
by Allison

women's ultra-mega was introduced to me years ago from a good friend & nurse. It is a great multi-vitamin with A LOT of B-VITAMINS which increase energy levels. I have never felt nervous or jittery or heart racing w/ this product. It does turn your urine bright yellow due to multi/ B- vitamins. Ultra-mega is a solid choice for a multi-vitamin and it gives me a little extra energy throughout my day. Read the label/ingredients.

by SMac

I am wondering if the amount of green tea in this vitamin is enough to counteract my synthroid. I've taken other vitamins with green tea, and work out twice a day, am on a specic diet, and gained weight, green tea has a very negitive effect on my medicine... wondering if anyone else has had similar results.. I just started taking this vitamin 3 days ago... Thanks..

by tbell

I just Started taking these and just a few hours later I had bright Yellow Urine.
Which of course had me concerned. I called GNC to see if this is because of the pills. Come to find out the pills cause it. This should be on the bottle so some of us don't freak out.

women ultra mega vitamin
by layla

I was very skeptical about taking vitamins but when I took this vitamin my heart began to race so quickly that I got nervous and stopped taking it. After reading the reviews which were so very helpful I think I would try again.

by DW

I wouldn't suggest taking these if you are sensitvie to Ginkgo Biloba or Panex Gingseng. My blood pressure has always been in the normal ranges, but suddenly changed after I was religious about taking my 2 tablets a day at different times. Once in the morning and once at night. It was to the point I would wake up and find my heart racing. My highest BP reading was 166/101. Finally my sister brought it to my attention I had started those "new" vitamins. Thank goodness she realized it before I had a heart attack or stroke. Listen to your body.

ultra active vitamin
by jesse

I wouldn't suggest taking this unless you do a heavy workout the same day. When I first got them, I took one pill a day. If I didnt find time to go to the gym I was so hyper that I couldnt even talk to people properly. Honestly, they thought I was on something. But if I worked out, the rest of the day I still had great energy, but not half as bad. I love the results, but I only take the pill if i plan on running a half hour or more. otherwise, my ass is tightening up, and I feel like an amazon at the gym. lots of love GNC

by Anonymous

i am 32, and overweight. my adult life, i have struggled with being obese. i have tried many different diets and pills. the fact is, now i eat better and exercise. i have a phyiscally demanding job, and i feel sluggish. well NO MORE!! it took a while to get use to my heart racing, but im more energized to keep up with my exercising. ive never taken vitamins before, but im loving the results. i plan to continue with the womans ultra mega active!

by sister2

My daughter gave me a bottle of womens ultra mega active dietary supplement when i went for a visit to see my grand chieldren WOW!! I LOVE IT -- I take 2 a day my energy is so up - when something this good is so good for you,, you need to share the news --

All this time I thought I was fine
by GC

I just recently I began taking the Womans Ultra mega Active. Its been a month and WOW is all I can say. I go to the gym everyday and I work hard.. I pretty much altered my diet to try to get the nutrients that I need to replenish myself after the gym. My brother uses the Mega Man vitamin and he said its a alot easier to add vitamins to my plan since I am so busy. I took the suggestion to heart. The first day I tried the vitamins (which comes 7 in a pack for each day all to be taken together with a meal) I called my brother and said, " I feel weird, not bad or sick.. just very different and I don't know what to make of it." Well the up and coming nurse that is my brother plainly stated that its how I was supposed to be feeling and I must have been lacking valuabel nutrients. Now I start every morning with my oatmeal and Mega Woman Active. I feel so good... I have finally found something that fits me...and I noticed not only am I performing better at the gym, but even making it through the work day which is sometimes very difficult, I feel alot better.

**My one recommendation is take this vitamin in the morning. I try to take my no later than 1030 with breakfast which assures that you are eating breakfast. This will also guarantee your sleep at night. When you take your vitamins to late expect to stare at the wall til 4 am. That could be the issue with the many ladies that had gripes about the loss of sleep. It may be best to have a set time in the morning.

Thank you GNC!!!!

What happened?
by jl

Store clerk suggested these in moderation with diet and exercise as a weight loss tool. YIKES! Seven days later, I am exhausted from not sleeping at night, and I have gained a whopping 4lbs. Something with this program does not work for me. Returning it tomorrow. Best of luck to the rest of ya!

GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active
by CJ

Wow. After taking GNC's Women's Ultra Mega Activevitpak I thought I was having a heart attack! My heart was racing. If you are senative to caffine, I would not recommend this product. Trying wearing a pulse watch all day after taking this vitamin packet. My average resting heart rate is 63, I don't think my heart went below 70 all day. The culprit is the Guarana Seed Extract- aka caffeine - 180mg. Red Bull only contains 80 mg. of caffeine and we all know how good that is for you.

Great for Energy!
by Tonya Houston,TX

After feeling tired and sluggish day after day... I realized I needed a multi vitamin to pep me up. What a difference a day makes. In only one day I noticed a big difference in my energy level!! Every morning I take my two Women's Ultra Mega Active vitamins and I'm good to GO all day long!!!!

Increase Intensity...
by Alacia N. W

Before taking these, I did not take a multivitamin, but I would drink a nutritional drink full of vitamins every day. I did mounds of research on vitamins and what amount of each I need for ME, GNC Women's Ultra Mega Active fit these standards. I work out every day and I am currently training for a marathon.

I have to say that I could tell the difference in the intensity of my work-outs after I started taking these vitamins. I was able to push myself a little harder, and feel good doing so. I have been taking them for a month now and I have decided they are going to be a permanent addition in my healthy lifestyle.

LOVE it LOVE it!
by Jacquie

My fiance has been taking GNC Men's Mega Vitamins and when he realized I wasnt taking any supplements he immediately bought these for me. At first he bought the Women's Ultre Mega (not Active) and those were great too. Then saw the active and bought those. Now I will never take another vitamin. The energy it provides is a plus, however my hair and nails definitely have benefited from the pills.

Great Vitamin
by Wendy

I have been trying to increase my activity level and I came across these vitamins. I used to feel tired and sluggish all the time but after taking these I can see a measurable difference. These are great not only for the very active but anyone looking to put a pep in their step! I highly recommend these.

Womens Ultra Mega ACTIVE
by Brenda B

In the past few months, I decided I better start taking a multi vitamin. My husband uses the GNC mega men vitamin and loves it, so I decided to check GNC for a multi vitamin for women. They stated this was the one all women type, and I have tried and liked it. It is a great multi vitamin and all women should give it a try.

by Felisha Griffin

I purchased these vitamins when I decided to try to lose weight and eat healthier. I didn't use them for a while, and I decided to take them after I had my first child. They gave me that extra boost of energy that I needed, especially with the demands of being a mother of a toddler and working. I would definitely recommend this product.

Great Choice
by shirley

I started taking these vitamins last year when I decided to increase my fitness level. I am a GNC junkie and love all of their products. These vitamins work really well. They are not hard to swallow like past vitamins I have tried. They are loaded with different vitamins and I recommend them highly even if you are not really active.

Good choice
by Dawnaic

My mother has been using these for quite some time and loves them. Of course, they help her get all the vitamins she needs, and gives her a boost in energy. She is especially concerned about her vitamins since she is going through menopause. Before taking this product, she was tired often, and even doing little things around the house would get her winded. This product helps her finish what she has to do, and gives her energy to make it through her day.

I liked these!
by may

I really enjoyed these pills, it does keep you active. I used them for about three months, and they really make a difference. The only reason I stopped using them was because my GNC closed down. I have no where close to me to buy them. Other than that, I would definitely keep on taking them. They are great!

A+ for Womens Ultra Mega Active
by Angela

I have been using these vitamins for a few months now and I can honestly say I notice a difference. Since I live a healty lifesyle by being active and working out regularly, I need a vitamin that can keep me going and not feel over caffinated. This vitamin keeps my energy level up so I can finish my long work outs and not be dragging an hour later. I wouldn't buy anything else.

Used Before Pregnancy
by l

I used this vitamin before pregnancy and when I quit nursing, I am likely to start using it again. Still currently using the prenatal vitamin of the same brand. I used this one for a year or so and saw a drastic difference in how I felt within a week. I don't think I could see myself taking any other brand of vitamin unless it is an extra small supplement.

Women's Ultra
by Kate

I try to work out every day, but sometimes it is difficult with such busy schedules. I started taking women's ultra mega active and it really did give me that extra boost of energy so that I could cram everything in to my very busy days. Not only do I feel like my work outs are better, but I also feel like I can concentrate better at work. Therefore, I truly believe this product has improved me both mentally and physically!

Full of extras you don't need
by Rosa

Way too many ingredients to really be helpful for the price. Like they're trying to include everything in one pill, so the effect is diluted. GNC products seem to contain dyes and fillers that aren't necessary, including carmine, sucralose and vanilla flavoring!

Can't go wrong...
by J

I have taken GNC's Women's Ultra Mega Active vitamins ever since I came off of prenatal vitamins. The only time I ever feel like my body is dragging is when I forget to take it. It really does make a difference! As far as I am concerned, you can't go wrong with GNC products.

I like it
by zheng

It’s nice having things made specifically for women.
I started taking because my doctor did a hemoglobin test on me, which proved my weak immune system. She said that it's obvious I'm not eating properly, and suggested vitamins.
I began using this product daily, taken in the morning when I wake up, and it has noticeably given me a boost of energy (no, it's not my power of suggestion. It really helps you feel more in control of the day).

Great for women on the go
by ydalia

As a regular GNC customer, I have tried many of their products. After trying their Women's Ultra Mega ACTIVE, I feel better and have more energy. I would recommend this vitamin to any woman who is constantly on the go.

Optimal Health for Active Women!
by Lana

I was working at an athletic center for a time. Most of my days were spent training children and adults for special swimming events. Being active all day long, I was looking for a multivitamin complex targeted especially at women like myself: young, active and feeling depleted, so to speak. I came across the Women's Ultra Mega Active vitamins and was extremely interested because the claims were very fitting to my everyday lifestyle. I took two capsules daily until the Summer training season was over and I am so thankful I did. I felt more energized and my athletic ability seemed to get even better. I would come home after a long day and feel like I can go back and do it all over again. In the past, I would look for the nearest bed in my house, but with this product in my life, I was stimulated to further my goals and expectations. I was in top notch shape both mentally and physically. Women's Ultra Mega Active Vitamin Caplets are a must for any active woman willing to go run that extra mile when everyone else seems to be giving up!!!

The best
by M Luttrell

I love the GNC line of vitamins for women. They are the only daily vitamin I take now. They are very high quality at a great price. I always try to pick them up when they are on sale 2 for 1.

7 Customer Opinions

dont worry
by y

dont worry to much when I am in season i take them and in the offseason i don't really take them as much....but I didn't find that i gained a lot of weight I stayed around the same it just depends on how constant you are on working out.

by Danielle

i only took this for two days and i feel all the side effects..yeah it helps suppress my hunger but at the same time im way too hyper and im shaking. i havent eaten in two days. it works for some but not for all.

by Tanya

I started taking this vit. and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! It does give me great energy ! I take my second pill around 3:30 pm and I get off of work at 6:00pm and I am ready to hit the gym and run for hours lol if you are active take it if not dont' take it.

by LaWanda

I am taking these vitamins and have been taking them for a couple of weeks. I have gained more energy and have not had any side affects from them. But, I do agree with the other person about the coating because that is the hardest part for me. Overall, great pill and I will continue to buy them.

by Desiree

ive been active my whole life and have never taken anything besides basic vitamins. I started taking this product a week ago and i feel amazing. i have no jitters or anything. its helped a lot especially since is run no less than 3 miles a day and got o the gym.

by LIZ

I like because is easy to take one in the morning and the other one in the night oue body need something like this !!!!

by Chris Burgess, RPh

Be very careful of this product. According to the package insert I saw it contained 180mg of caffiene.