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Excellent Multivitamin
by Morgan

I had stopped taking multivitamins because I literally felt sick to my stomach after taking them, regardless of what brand, regardless of whether I had a full or empty stomach.
A friend recommended the Vitality vitamins from Melaleuca for me, and I could not be happier with the results. I've never in my life had a brand loyalty before, but I will honestly NEVER buy another kind of vitamin. I have more energy, I sleep better, I don't get exhausted halfway through the day (which saves me money since I don't have to buy RedBull anymore! lol).
Anyone who is skeptical, I'd say try it for a month at least. I felt better within days, though :)

Totally amazing
by Shy

I was given these as a gift and was completely amazed how well my body reacted to them. I felt so much natural energy and my all around mood was so much better! I just ran out and am looking to stock up!

by Melanie

Love this product! Felt a difference within just a few days! Would highly recommend this to any woman!

all about vitality
by jane

i feel good with this product.. i gain weight with one month use...i gain more confidence about myself

by kathleen

I am actually waking up at 6 am feeling awake and alert since I started taking these. I was previously taking some green whole foods powder that I woas told would be so awesome, but saw not diference in my energy level at all.

better moods
by melissa

I was given vitality for women as a gift. It has improved my mood greatly. I feel less stressed while taking it. I got sick and couldn't take it for like a week. I noticed a big difference in how I felt and my mood. I felt even more yucky. So I took my Vitality and I feel alot better. I love this product.

Nice product
by Carol

They improved this product immensely by changing the taste. It was really bad. I do feel better taking this product.

Men's Vitality Pack
by Steve

My wife got me in to the Melaleuca Men's Vitality Vitamins and I threw the one-a-day's that I was taking in the trash. Totally impressed with the level of energy and clarity I have experienced with the vitamins. I work in the emergency services field, so having sustained energy all day is essential to my job. While taking other vitamins, I would drink 5-6 cups of coffee a day and still feel drowsy at the end of the day. With the Vitality vitamin, I have cut my consumption of coffee down to 2 cups a day...the second more out of boredome. Never felt better!!

Lower BP!
by Kim

I started taking this vitamin in January and after two months, I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medication. I used to have a BP of 210/195...yes, I was on the verge of a stroke! But now, my BP is 120/70 and my doctor was ecstatic! She asked me to send her the information on these vitamins, because she wants to start taking them too. I have more energy than I have had in years and I have been taking them for 6 months now. I recently started taking the prenatal version of these since we are trying to conceive.

This vitamin has it all!
by Stephanie

This is the perfect supplement for me. I get everything I need and feel good about the fact that this natural supplement is made with great craft and good science. "Vitality" definitely is a great name for this product because I feel full of life since starting on this vitamin regimen. I had to stop using it while I was pregnant and take a prescription prenatal vitamin and I am glad to be back with Vitality. My friend got me started on Melaluca products and I think they are fabulous!

Vitality for Women
by Janet

I have been using Melaleuca products for about 3 years before I made the decision to try the vitamins. OH MY STARS!!! There is a huge difference between these and other vitamins, due to the fructose compounding. I have never felt like this on any other vitamin. I noticed the difference on the third day of taking them. Before, I'd always forget to take vitamins of other brands because I never felt any different. Not so now... I remember to take my Vitality every day because I don't want this great effect to go away.

I like the company's products anyway, so I guess I should have known that it would live up to it's claims of high energy. I just had no idea that the result would be so different than with other vitamins.

All in all a good vitamin
by Julie

The Vitality for Women vitamin is a pretty good product. I used this for about 8 years while I was a member of Melaleuca. I found this vitamin worked well with my system, and I liked the fact that my body absorbed it quickly without any problems. The main problem is the smell and taste of these vitamins. I know that the company redesigned these to make this problem go away, and I admit it is better than the original. However, my system is incredibly sensitive and I was still nauseated by the smell and taste. I had to eventually stop taking them because I just couldn't handle taking them in the mornings, and so reduced the frequency I was supposed to take them for maximum effectiveness. So, I just quit all together and moved on to a different brand.

I feel great!
by Sarah

I feel so good taking this product. My energy level is through the roof! I can chase my kids around all day and still feel energized in the evening. Pills are your average size for a multivitamin, price is okay if you buy from the company.

by Stacy

This vitamin from Melaleuca is a better quality vitamin than you would get in a store. This vitamin is absorbed quickly into your body to help you get the nutrients you need. I feel better and have more energy since taking this vitamin.

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Vitality vitamins
by Gladys

I love this product, a friend told me about the vitamins and I start taking them, I feel great they are amazing , I have more energy. It,s a bless...

by Donna

Excellent product, I had more energy, better focus, calm .