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Good Value
by Terri

I wish it had more calcium, but otherwise it's a decent multi for the price.

with my diet
by sarah

I take one every morning when I wake up. Just knowing that it gives me the right vitamins makes me excited

I like it
by Anje

I got a trial size sample of this and feel that it is a very good product. I would buy the full size.

No Change
by Jessie

I took these for a while, but I didn't notice that I felt any better. I didn't feel any worse though either. I'm not sure if it did anything beneficial for me, so I never bought another bottle.

by Robin

I like this product because it is good quality at a low price.

An excellent choice
by Erica Jane

I have tried several different multi vitamins and none compare to this product. Some of the vitamins that I have bought in the past didn't have all of the vitamins I was looking for in a multi vitamin. Multi for her has all of the vitamins that I am looking for. It doesn't give me any side affects like some others did. I feel a big difference when I take these vitamins.

A Big Thumbs Up!
by Pearl

I have nothing but great things to say about Nature Made products. I've been taking the Multi For Her since the first of the year and they are wonderful. They aren't huge horse pills and they don't leave a bad taste in your mouth like some vitamins. The Nature Made Multi For Her actually have given me more energy. You can get them anywhere and the best thing is the price. They are a fair price and better yet, they do have coupons every once in a while, which makes them an even better deal! I highly recommend this product to all my women friends.

Good vitamin
by christi b

I recently decided to give these vitamins a try. I generally don't like taking vitamins because they are all so big and hard to swallow. These are a little smaller, so they are easier to take. I haven't noticed a real change in my energy level, but then I haven't been taking them all that long yet. It's just good to know that I'm getting some of the nutrients that I need.

Very Good!
by Charlotte

I have recently started taking these vitamins for the iron and calcium in them. I am one who can't drink milk due to being allergic to it but with these vitamins it helps me keep up with the calcium that I need each day. Plus with a two year old I sometimes get tired easily but with the vitamins I keep up the energy level that I need to keep up with her. I definitely recommend these vitamins and their not too expensive either.

Not so impressed
by Kate

I didn't feel any different after taking these than my no name brand vitamins (which were certainly cheaper). They do provide a wide range of vitamins and nutrients in a singular pill. I went back to my other ones after I finished the bottle.

Swear by them
by Amie

My sister takes these and swears by them. She says the pills are smaller and therefore easier to swallow. Unlike some multi-vitamins, they don't create nausea even if taken without food. These are a mid-priced, easy to take multi-vitamin that supplements her daily diet. Good fit for a woman's multi-vitamin.

Multi For Her
by Laura Bailey

I feel really good about taking this product because of the name brand and because it meets all the nutritional needs for WOMEN specifically. I prefer this brand over generic brand vitamins and appreciate especially the calcium and iron in it. Great product!!

great vitamin
by S

I got these on sale and figured I'd give them a try. I've always taken a multi-vitamin, but never noticed they did much for me. These really seem different. I do feel like I have more energy, and I don't have that afternoon "slump" like I used to get. I never knew a vitamin could help so much. I teach school, and I believe I have more energy and seem to be in a better mood (good luck working with middle-schoolers!). I will continue to buy these!

Great vitamins for the price
by Kathy

I love these vitamins! Not expensive and they give me so much energy. With 3 children, 2 of which are under 2, I need all the energy I can get, and this product gives me what I need!

Great vitamin that doesnt cost alot
by Lisa

After trying many brands of vitamins and not finding one I liked, I came across these at my local grocery store on sale- Buy one Get one Free. I purchased them in the hopes that I would finally find a vitamin I liked. I got that and a whole lot more. They weren't hard to take and didn't have a bad aftertaste. They gave me tons of energy. I now make sure to take my vitamins every day because they make me feel great.

A Great Vitamin
by leslie

These vitamins make me feel like I could take on anything. They give me so much extra energy and since they're made by Nature Made, I feel good about taking them. It's nice to know I'm doing something good for my body--a woman's body. If you're a woman like me try these.

Great product!
by Blueberry

These vitamins are great! This is what I have been taking for a long time now and they have worked very well for me and my sister. We will be continuing with it as it gives us great value for money and also good health. Also it is from the trusted brand Nature Made so all the more good!

good Product
by Christina

I've tried several brands of multivitamins, but this brand seems to give me the most energy, especially when I am dieting and missing nutrients in my meals. These vitamins help me to avoid that mid-afternoon sleepiness I would often get at work after lunch. I also noticed that my skin and nails look healthier as a result of this product.

These are great
by Kelli

I take these vitamins after trying some plain old store brand ones, and they are great. Although I can't really feel the difference (much like any vitamin) I am sure they are doing their job! They don't taste bad and they aren't hard to take for me, unlike many other vitamins out there!

Good value
by M Smith

This is a good product. Easy to swallow and very good for you. The price is nice too compared to some I have seen. Gives you a lot of what you miss if you don't take a vitamin at all.

Gives me more energy!
by Sarah

I am a stay at home Mom that needed something to give me more energy. I started taking vitamins but the ones I were taking just weren't doing it. Then, I got a sample of these vitamins in the mail and tried them. I noticed a change that day! These vitamins are great! I feel so much healthier and have much more energy during the day after taking these for a month now. These vitamins do make a difference, and I will be taking these from now on.

Multi for Her
by Christy R.

I've tried a lot of different daily vitamins. I always end up giving up after a while for various reasons. The pills are hard to take or I don't notice a difference in energy level. These are the first that I've been able to stick with. They are not that hard to take. They are still big pills but don't seem to stick in your throat at all. I did notice a difference in my energy level. I don't get as tired toward the end of the day and I feel like these vitamins are the cause.

To Replace What is Missing
by Melissa

I've been taking this multivitamin for a while now because I noticed that I feel so much better when I take my vitamins. I take this jar to work, and place it in my desk drawer so I always remember to take it daily. I also keep a bottle at home for weekends/holidays. I find that my skin, mood, energy level all seem to improve when I'm taking this vitamin because it gives me what I may have missed in my meals during the day.

Great product
by Gerry

I really like the Nature Made product line and these vitamins are every bit as good or better than either Centrum or One a Day. I also like the fact that you can get points toward future purchases by entering the codes from the bottles on line.

I could swallow these
by Jaime

I think these are the best multi-vitamin I have ever taken, for the simple reason they are smaller than most others. They are good in price and did not make me shakey or sick to my stomach.

I would recommend these.
by B. VanDyke

I had never taken a daily vitamin, but got a sample of these in the mail. I then went and bought a bottle and have been taking them daily. I seem to feel better and have more energy.

I like it
by zheng

The truth is, I don't really like vitamins. I haven't taken any with any true regularity since I was pregnant. Some vitamins simply don't work for me. They make me sick and jittery. A few months ago, I bought this one. I was determined to take a daily vitamin.
After three months, I can say these seem to work fine for my use. They supplement my diet where I fall short but don't load me up with tons of stuff I don't need.

Excellant multi-vitamin
by mari hermann

The first time I tried this product, it was a sample I received in the mail. I noticed right away that it was smaller than my usual multi-vitamin. That is beneficial , because I often have trouble swallowing multi-vitamins due to their large size. This vitamin covers all of my daily vitamin needs and is very reasonably priced.

An Ok Multivitamin...
by Michele Fair

I like most Nature Made products, and their multivitamin for women serves me well. I do, however, like the One A Day for Women formula a little bit better, although this brand is a good alternative. I can tell when I do not get my vitamin in for the day, so that means they work fairly well.

Good, but not complete
by JW

These are really good, and contain some things that other women's vitamins don't include, but I still have to supplement with iron, calcium, B-complex. Take 'em, but read the label so you know what you're not getting first.

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by heather

I took these for 3 months and didnty really feel any change at all.They are a good price if they work for you.