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Easy on the stomach & full of energy
by Leilah

I'm 25 yrs old and I finally found a vitamin that settled well in my stomach. I've tried different types of vitamins and I always had to go back to sugared adult gummy vitamins because of how bad the others would upset my stomach. This product is great I can take it on an empty stomach and I'm fine. Gives me energy throughout the day, I'm not dragging myself as I use to. Im enjoying it and would reccomend it to anyone.

Its okay
by wil599

My sister tried this product and she told me that while it did work most of the time, it has given her stomach pains other times. So, really, its just okay. Her stomach agrees with centrum vitamins better than this.

It helped me
by Wendy B.

There are tons of vitamins and supplements claiming to do this and claiming to do that. You almost need a vitamin to give you energy to look at all the vitamins to choose from. I have found it in this Every Woman's One Daily, recommended to me by a friend. I’d like to blame my tiredness and lack of energy on some little creature living in my body that makes me tired, but I must admit, it’s my getting older, lack of exercise and not too great diet. I keep so busy, it’s hard to do it all. This Every Woman's One Daily really boosted my energy and helped take the edge off my tiredness. I have been taking it for a couple months now. It is quite expensive, but it seems to help.

Every Woman's One daily
by Theepa

Being a wife,mom and a full time employee extracts all the energy out of me by the end of the day. At times, I was not able to eat well, due to work load and stress. Every Woman's One daily keeps me in relief for not worrying about my health and getting all the vitals needed for a woman's body.

Not so Great
by Melissa Zee

I didn't like these vitamins at all. I personally am scared of big pills so maybe thats one reason I didn't like them. I also noticed that once I took them daily, I started breaking out. I don't know if these vitamins caused it or not, but once I stopped my skin cleared up.

Every Woman's One Daily
by Christy R.

I tried these out because I liked how many different vitamins it contained. I ended up not liking them or sticking with them. The pills were big and not very easy to take. The main thing was I didn't notice any difference in my energy level and I felt a bit sick a few hours after I took them (not sure these were the cause, but it did happen for the entire week that I tried them out). Overall, the main thing was I didn't think they provided me with any more energy and I thought they were harder to take than some of the other vitamins available.

Great product
by shilpi tandon

This is the best multi vitamin I have ever taken. I feel always so energized even though my daughter always tries to keep me on my toes. Earlier I used to lack energy and was lazy and lethargic all day long. But this multivitamin has changed everything. Everyone at my home takes mom ,my sister and me. We all really like it. But it is somewhat pricey..other than that, this one is the best multi vitamin for women.

Love this vitamin
by nikki

I would give it a 10 if I could. I have been able to eliminate 1/2 of the supplements I was taking before. It might seem expensive when you first look at the price, but if you were to buy all the things that are added to this, it would cost way more to buy them individually.

Excellent product
by Patty

This is the best multi-vitamin that I've used. I feel so much healthier throughout my body. I also have peace of mind because I know that I'm receiving all the essential vitamins and minerals that my diet lacks. Give it a try- you won't be disappointed.

2nd to nature!
by tasha

This multivitamin is fantastic- the next best thing to a completely organic, perfectly balanced diet... and who really has the ability to have a completely balanced, organic diet? it is very absorbable, not filled with an absurd amount of vitamin and mineral content, is entered organically food-grown, has additional super foods, in a food- base, and it is a simple 1-a-day tablet! what more could you possibly ask of a multivitamin? not to mention, they culture the food base of the pill, so daily probiotics are included. I love this vitamin, because I accomplish many nutritional needs in a single dose. I am feel great, and I know I am not overdosing with insane amounts of certain vitamins and minerals.

Every Woman should try this!
by Valerie M.

NewChapter is truly a creative and well-thought-out brand. Their One Daily vitamins are amazing! I have a ridiculous collection of supplements, which is now obsolete because 99% of the things I was taking (some of which seem obscure) are all in this One Daily tablet! They have thought of things the others have yet to catch on to.

The best women's multi on the market!
by Amanda

I know this vitamin is a little pricier than others you can buy, but it is worth every penny! A couple years ago I was having problems with chronic headaches and feeling tired and lethargic all the time -- a friend recommended that I try this supplement. After a few week I felt like a new person! I woke up refreshed in the mornings, suffered fewer headaches, had more stamina during my workouts, and dropped a couple pounds. A good vitamin supplement (combined with healthy lifestyle choices) really can make a remarkable difference in your life!

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