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Finally sleeping!
by Deborah

This is the first multi vitamin that is truly helping my menopausal symptoms. Sleeplessness is by far the worst for me but with Active Woman's Multi I am having much more restful nights and even able to actually have a nap! Another benefit is that I haven't had 1 hot flash since I started taking this. I am very pleased. Do not take on an empty stomach though; that is a bad experience!

Strong product
by Linda Cook

I like the company and their products. My husband uses their men's product and I use this one (we are both 52). We are both pleased.

It works!!
by Happy mother

I did not really believe that herbs could help menopause, I have never been a vitamin person. However, this product really has helped me and I just feel healthier.

90 Tablets by Vitabase
  • Provides 40% of daily calcium needs
  • Natural herbs like black cohosh and chasteberry can help ease PMS or Menopause symptoms
  • Cranberry and Uva Ursi for urinary health
  • Soy isoflavones help combat osteoporosis and relieve menopause symptoms
Very good
by Martha Bremmer

Good value considering you are getting a multivitamin and a lot of things to help you as a woman through menopause. I replaced about four different products with this one and highly recommend it.

Great for PMS and energy
by Jan S.

I have been taking this product for about six months and have seen a big difference in energy and navigating PMS. I am a believer.

Not sure
by Ginnie

I cannot really tell if this product is working or not. I suppose that is the problem with vitamins in general. However, I do take it for maintenance.

Vitabase rules!
by Jenny Cransburg

Great company, great product, great price. I have taken this product for the past three years.

Excellent product!
by Cindy from San Francisco

I have been buying Vita Base products for years, and this one, Active Women's Multi is a staple- I have been taking it everyday for 5 years, and feel great! It smooths my monthly moods, and keeps me going on my active lifestyle, and the price is good too!

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