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Fitted Diaper

BumGenius! Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diapers

Grow with me Fitteds

Fitted Diaper


Organic Absorb-it-all Diapers


FabFold(TM) PreFitteds(TM)

Happy Hempy Fitted Diapers


Becca's Britches fitted fleece Medium

Imse Vimse Organic Cotton One-Size Diaper

Fitted Cloth Diaper

Baby Basic Fitted Diaper


Fitted Hemp Diapers

Organic Cotton Fitted Diaper

Indisposables(TM) Cloth Diaper

Hemp Fitted Cloth Diapers


Unbleached Fitted Diaper

Swaddlebees Organic Cotton Velour Fitted Diaper

Newborn Cotton Terry Fitted

Newborn Organic Velour Fitted Diaper


Thirsties Fab Fitted

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Fitted Diaper with Velcro

Limited Edition Prints

Green Sprout's Velour


Custom Sprout

Sapling Sprout