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Kiss My Face

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chinese botanical ultra moisturizer

olive & aloe ultra moisturizer

honey calendula ultra moisturizer

vitamin A&E ultra moisturizer


everyday SPF 15 moisturizer

olive & aloe fragrance free ultra moisturizer

peaceful patchouli ultra moisturizer

lavender shea ultra moisturizer


peaches & crème ultra moisturizer

hand alert with rosemary and mint

lavender & chamomile hand lightener

peppermint foot crème


peppermint foot scrub

grapefruit + bergamot hand crème

manila tinted moisturizer

sisal tinted moisturizer


branch tinted moisturizer

beach tinted moisturizer

clay tinted moisturizer

rattan tinted moisturizer


heather 3-way color

amber 3-way color

dawn 3-way color

ruby 3-way color


vanilla honey lip balm

treat mint lip balm

sliced peach lip balm

coconut pineapple lip balm


ginger mango lip balm

cranberry orange lip balm

strawberry lip balm

spf 30 sport lip balm

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