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Kiss My Face

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clean for a day creamy face cleanser

Olive My Body

Olive & Green Tea Bar Soap

Almond Moisture Soap


Melon Moisture Soap

Pear Moisture Soap

Fragrance Free Moisture Soap

Orange Blossom Liquid Soap


chinese botanical ultra moisturizer

olive & aloe ultra moisturizer

honey calendula ultra moisturizer

vitamin A&E ultra moisturizer


everyday SPF 15 moisturizer

olive & aloe fragrance free ultra moisturizer

peaceful patchouli ultra moisturizer

lavender shea ultra moisturizer


peaches & crème ultra moisturizer

hand alert with rosemary and mint

lavender & chamomile hand lightener

peppermint foot crème


peppermint foot scrub

grapefruit + bergamot hand crème

manila tinted moisturizer

sisal tinted moisturizer


branch tinted moisturizer

beach tinted moisturizer

clay tinted moisturizer

rattan tinted moisturizer


heather 3-way color

amber 3-way color

dawn 3-way color

ruby 3-way color

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